September 01 - Hotmail Conversion Day

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  1. September 01 - Hotmail Conversion Day

    For those who were not told earlier by way of an MSN email, or for those who have forgotten, today, September 01, 2009, is the conversion day for Hotmail's remote access change.

    Anyone who was 'grandfathered' by MSN as a long term user or pays the premium to have remote access and is using Outlook or Outlook Express to retrieve Hotmail, your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express HTTP webmail protocol will have to be changed to POP3 in order for your mail program to continue to remotely access the Hotmail inbox.

    You can find all the information that you need to update your email processing in the links that apply to your situation:

    Outlook -

    Outlook Express - How to add your e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook Express - Mail and Settings - Windows Live Help

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