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  1. I am a youth pastor and a drug educator. I go into inner city schools and do programs. lets discuss ways to connect to this generation, ways to give them hope and love, a vision for life. Ways to get them into Church or to keep them in church. I have learned a few things over the years and one of the things i have learned is this: our society is fostering such a disconnect with relationships (everything is Social media) We are loosing our youth. We need to find ways to give them hope again, a vision for life, a reason to get up. I know Jesus is the answer but we first need to break down walls of pain, disappointment, hurt, anger before we can even sit at a table and talk about true freedom.
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  2. Welcome, Colby!

    Looking back at my wonder years going to youth groups, there was a emphasis on evangelism (which is good), but a neglect of apologetics. We were taught the very basics of the faith and then told to go out and spread the gospel...but we were never given a sincere, direct, clear understanding on the defense of the faith.

    So many kids go to youth groups and maybe church and even get active in them, but when they get older and go to college, they abandon everything. Many of them admit that in their teen years, they never sincerely believed -- they were just going through the motions. I am still connected with many of my own high school friends who were active in our Bible study and youth group, but today either have become very apathetic or indifferent to Christianity or have proclaimed Atheism altogether. Speaking with them, their understanding of Christianity is far from Christianity proper.

    Kids want the direct, clear truth. They don't want their intelligence insulted. Apologetics is an incredible way to give kids a reason to accept the faith. Gimmicks really only go so far, and from what I remember, youth groups often highlighted gimmicks and hid sincerity. There was a lot of emotion and glitz, but substance was lost. I understand that youth group should be fun because this is for kids, but I don't think that should compromise what needs to be taught to the younger generation.
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  3. wow great feedback. thank you so much
  4. There is no better way to draw people to Christ, than in being an "example". The people of this world are looking for reality of Christ made flesh in you that they may see the risen Lord in you. You are the only face of God they will ever see. Let Jesus in you draw them to the Father, just as God the father was reconciling to world unto himself in his Son.

    2Co 5:18 All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation;
    2Co 5:19 that is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.
    2Co 5:20 Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.
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  5. Hi Colby, welcome to the forum :) You may post a new thread in new members area to be welcomed by others.
    I work in a Christian foundation that supports people like you - Christians who go to public schools in our coutnry and teach about important things in life, ethical princips, topics of primary prevention. They also invite kids from schools to several free-time activities like clubs, hobby groups and other events. By that it is possible to bring kids to church as most of these activities happen in local church with the help of other Christians.

    It is clear that youth generation really suffers from lack of spiritual values and models (at least in my country). If we want to give them hope, we firstly need to be close to them - we need to love them firstly so they will trust us. They are thirsty for real relationships. I agree with Lysander that apologetics is also needed.
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  6. hmm.
    I just want to ask..why are you losing your youth? Or we?
    What age would you define 'youth' as and do you mean like children of those parents who go to church or young people in general?

    I think..YMCA when it was christian was a good thing.
    Scouts and Girl Guides are also good things to be involve in.
    Summer camps.
    Bibles in schools
    Sunday school..
    40 hour famine

    I came to be saved at aged 30 so..never grown up in church when young and recall as a teen not being invited to any youth group that all the other christians went to..but was witnessed to and went to fellowship in high school cos my friends did. I think the most important thing was being given a bible by the Gideons in high school so at least I had the Word and so when God did speak to me he got me hungry to read it.

    At university there are groups like Student Life that go witnessing and ppl can make christian friends.
    That was valuable.

    Can you tell us more about the programs you involved in? I was never really involved in any kind of 'program' that I recall leading me to faith although there was the alpha course that got me interested in finding more about God. But the program was not the thing, God was.

    school chaplaincy is a thing I'd like to maybe get involved in one day. I remember guidance counsellors but did not get much good counselling in school! Would have much preferred that people prayed for me rather than give their advice and opinions on what I should do!
  7. Thats good Colby. Keep up the good work!

    I think you are blurring lines in your post. The disconnect with our youth is a separate issue to them being lost to satan. Social media is an amazing tool for Jesus.

    LS did hit the nail on the head. We all need the truth. Politically correct pastors need to step down and contemplate hanging themselves Luke 17:2. Pastors need to grasp they answer to God not the congregation or the government. Yes, this means God needs to empower pastors like never before. Do we think God does not know this?

    But...there are two sides of extreme tripe in Christianity. One is on watering the message down. The other is at the opposite end of the spectrum where we make God out to be a ruthless / evil / wicked God. Preaching that God hates those sinners at school who do not attend church or pray / God will delight in seeing the wicked burn in hell for eternity.

    I think leaders such as yourself need to be pro active in batting for the sanity of Christianity. It seems these days that the enemy wants to constantly group us with other religious fanatics. Government is making politically correct speeches that affect schools. Christianity is guilty of atrocities X and Y...just like Islam. No mention of debates or scholars studying these claims properly. All just vague, clueless, general accusations. Jesus and Muhammad are POLAR OPPOSITES.
  8. I was thinking bit more bout this what lysander said bout when people get to college just dont go to church anymore.
    If your objective is just to get bums on seats in church, sorry to be crude, thats not gonna wash with God.
    Those children were either not saved to begin with or to bring them home if they were...requires that they repent like the prodigal son, no church program can do this for them.

    Jesus is the answer in every single case.
    The world and all its charms is very attractive to young people and I know adults in the world totally endorse this lifestyle and actually push thier children to become worldy wise. They want them to earn big bucks and get all the degrees and education they can, marry, have a house and car and pursue the american dream. If those things are not possible theres always the attractive lure of drugs to assuage their failures to live up to expectations.

    The problem lies with adults saying one thing, but God saying the total opposite. God can and does protect the young if their parents are unable to do this for them when they cry out. I think we as christians ought to be on our knees praying for these children rather than forge ahead with man made programs that mostly for our benefit anyway, or give us the illusion that these children want church. I dont think any child wants church and it can be a drag going to one at times, lets be honest. I think children want Jesus to be their best friend.

    Church should be a safe envrionment for them to grow and to make friends...but its not a social club. its family.
  9. I agree -- I don't think anyone is making the case to simply fill in some seats. I think when all of us are talking about bringing young people to church, we mean bringing them into the faith.
  10. In Jesus.
    Faith in Jesus right?
    Cos they could go to any you wouldnt want them to end up going to the church of scientology for example.
  11. Yes, Lanolin. We are speaking exclusively of faith in Jesus Christ.
  12. Oh good just checking. :)
  13. But wait. How bout the mormon church? They claim weird things about Jesus.
  14. The Mormon church has nothing to do with this conversation as far as I'm concerned.

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