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  1. I'd like to know if anyone else suffers from scrupulosity on this forum? I've come to the logical conclusion that I do deal with it everyday. Mix some rigid teaching as a boy and some mental illness and what do you get? I got a bad case of being too obsessed about religious and spiritual issues.

    I'd like to offer a link to a pdf from the International OCD Foundation:

    I just ran across this today after I talked with my Christian counselor.
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  2. I feel the same way...I have schizophrenia and everytime my meds aren't working up to snuff I get obsessed with religious and spiritual issues...then when I get feeling better I return to my sinning ways...But, no more...I love the Lord with all my heart and soul and as long as my heart and soul is full of Jesus Christ there is no room for evil to re-enter.
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  3. It is typically conceptualized as a moral or religious form of obsessive - compulsive disorder.

    Haha, count me in :D.
  4. I actually believe my obsessive compulsive tendencies come from God.

    Example: I like everything organized and simple. I believe organization brings light. As opposed, dis-organization brings chaos.

    I lived in an airplane hanger with an old dear friend/employer. We had everything in it's place. My friend moved away and another man rented the hanger, he hired me, and wanted me to stay there. This new tenant/employer, for lack of better words, was a hoarder. When we moved his business and all his many possessions into the hanger, I did my best to keep it organized. He just had tooooo much stuff.

    I felt over whelmed and had to leave and stay elsewhere.
  5. First............ everyone stop confessing your mentally ill............ We have the mind of Christ!!! We are not ill. Speak the Word only!! Don't claim something that does not belong to you, it's just not a good thing to do.

    God puts in us things that drive us. I have learned this, and have come to know that God puts in us what we need to drive his plan. This is healthy once you know the plan and can mix out the bad stuff.

    Nobody does anything unless there is a desire to do it. That is just how we are made. Some are meant to be great musicians, some are suppose to teach about Israel, some are suppose to teach about end times, some the power of the blood, some to run businesses, some to be doctors, lawyers. It's in you to want to do these things, they interest you.

    Instead of fighting it, you examine and remove the extra junk. I Love the Word but went through a KJV only phase that was not very productive, but my drive to prove the KJV to be the only correct bible really helped me see lots of things I would not have had the crazy drive not been there. I don't believe that anymore but the trip through really helped me grow. I still only study out of the KJV, but now won't chew your head off for using another translation. I use them from time to time also.

    It's like the guy that loved guitar, bought a guitar, bought all the learning books he could and played the guitar just a few times. Mostly it sat in the corner making the guy fell guilty for not practicing like He should.

    Then the Lord spoke to him. "I never called you to play guitar."

    The guy was beating himself up for not practicing when in fact the Lord never put it in him to want to practice.

    We have free will, but we can't replace in us those things the Lord has put there. It's those things that drive us and though the drive may seem bad, it's not...................... You just have to mature and sort the junk out until you fine tune the exact things the Lord has put in.

    Be blessed.
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  6. I suffer from scrupulosity. From what I've seen on this forum there aren't many of us, but for example on forum there are few threads about the topic and I believe that also more who suffer from it. It is hard struggle, but managable with God's help.

    May God bless you!
  7. WI be praying for you SilvaMay. Blessings sister
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  8. I do to an extent, I have gad ( generalized anxiety disorder) so I worry about any and everything....but i think the major reason for my scruples is because of my bad church experience and my situation in life....i experience more set backs than normal...and even though God doesn't promise us a lavish life and give us all the desires of our heart...but still, I think it should be obvious to see the hand of God in your life...and I kinda don' that coupled with my bad church experience makes it hard to believe God cares for me much. However, I believe in my mind and heart God exists though... I just need to get back to church.
  9. Blessings my friend ,
    Autumn why are you still carrying this Baggage of a Past Church Experience around with you?

    If you take this baggage with you to a new church, well it will just open up there too and then you will have a heavier baggage to carry around.

    My dear sweet sister I want to show you something.

    What and How you think controls and Creates who you are and how you see and feel and Believe.

    Scripture tells a man (person) Thinks in his (their) heart So Is He
    Another words you become who you are by what you think.

    The heart in scripture here is talking about the Spirit Man - the Born Again Spirit Man and this is where Biblical type of Faith is to be.

    So if we fill our hearts with past hurt and worry and fear and care and disappointment - where can Our Faith Live and Grow? Faith can not survive and grow when the biggest majority in the heart is stuff opposed to Faith or just the opposite of faith.

    Now then can you see who is behind all these cares and feelings and anxiety? Why yes it is our enemy the devil.

    That's why scripture teaches us

    Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

    What are imaginations?
    Why they are Thoughts !!!

    Autumn Please see this.
    The devil is throwing those fiery darts at you one after another.
    Fiery Darts......Thoughts ...Feelings ....Emotions and so forth. Yes those darts can make you literally Feel something and the devil comes as an angel of light. Not with horns and a pitch fork.

    This blinds you from seeing because it takes your focus (mind) and places it wrapped around self and hurts and let downs and failures And this is designed to Cripple You and keep you bound up in strong holds which Keeps you from the things of God.

    Believe me when I say it is a well organized attack against you to keep you from stepping up and out into the things of God.

    You are going to have to fight the good fight of faith and use the armor God has provided us.

    The series I am putting together is exactly this and in depth at that. When it's up again (I closed the thread to further it along with out gaps) I will pm you the link when I open it back up.

    Truth is we don't have to live this way
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  10. I'm carrying it because I cant get rid of it, I asked God to take the annger away( not blaming him..just saying what I did) nothing happened, I tried to apologize to her for something she did..she didnt receive it well at all, and its far near impossible to move on when my own brothers still go to the church I hear about some of the stuff they do and what not. That is hard. Because its like I'm surrounded by it and always reminded....she even lives close its just hard... I'll definitely be happy once I move...the more distance..the easier it is to forget..

    I dont mean to just drone on about this issue, its not the worst thing that can happen to a person...but its still alot for me and weighs quiet a bit on my heart and mind.... And I get what you're saying as well... I'm trying bit by bit to have some sort of faith.
  11. I know it's difficult to hear...but God is not going to take your anger away, and the bitterness you have for this situation. This is stuff that He has given you the responsibility of giving up. You have to place all this stuff (feelings, and thoughts and memories) in His hands (via forgiveness and refusing to think about this stuff.... 2 Cor. 10:4-5) and then not pick it back up. Your going to have to fight the good fight of faith, which includes the battle of the order to get rid of this burden that you are choosing to carry.

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  12. I'm carrying it because I cant get rid of it, I asked God to take the annger away( not blaming him..just saying what I did) nothing happened

    God is not going to do for us what He told us to do.
    Walk in Love.... can't be angry when your walking in love
    Walk in the spirit ..... anger can't dwell

    I tried to apologize to her for something she did..she didnt receive it well at all, and its far near impossible to move on when my own brothers still go to the church

    God never said try...He said forgive
    God did not say they had to receive it...He said forgive.

    Cool so like if brothers say good things rejoice for them and if they are bad things then praise and thank God your out of there and give it No more thought.

    I'll definitely be happy once I move...the more distance..the easier it is to forget..

    No, not really. It will come out there too and just in other ways. You can not run from problems for the follow after you.

    Now then Autumn,
    These reasons or excuses Are Strong Holds in your thinking. They have developed over time from birth. Guess who is behind that deal. Why Yes it's our enemy the devil.

    It's Not God but your very own thinking. Renew the mind of the things of God. Get His word in you by reading and hearing and speaking until you become so full of it that you now are thinking like God Thinks. When this happens you Act like God Acts or have become a doer of His word.

    It as this point my dear sister that all this junk you deal with will fall aside and be destroyed. You will be Free At Last. It really comes down to your very own thinking.
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  13. They're not exscuses I tried everything I could...have you ever had this happen to you? Have you? If you didn't its very easy to just tell me what I should do... And I did try to walk in love...i took her blame, tried not to get angry...the best thing I can do is just be far from her BC if I see her and we get into an argument...its all down hill from there.

    And with the first point you addressed you never told me how to get rid of the anger....just walk in love.. I cant walk in love with someone in mad at or my actions will just be empty.. I tried to take her blame, I tried everything I could think of... I asked God to take the anger away ...i tried...these aren't excuses I really did try...i just need distance BC I will not let a toxic person in my life..she is gods problem.
  14. Blessings my Dear Sweet Sister,
    First question first. As I have said in the past, I do Not write about anything I have Not been through already and learned the hard way. Anything I write is simply truth that set me free and learned from many years of walking all bound up in the lies (Strong Holds) of the enemy. So Yes Mam I have !!

    Two things here
    1. They are strong holds in your thinking. Strong holds become excuses in your thinking. I did not ever say you are making up excuses but it's in your thinking. The strong holds are neatly mixed in your thinking or another words how You see things.

    2. No mam you tried everything that You Know ! You just need more understanding of His Word.

    Sure you can. Again this thinking is from strongholds in your mind. They slip in unnoticed and take root.

    It is called by Faith. You forgive by faith you love by faith.
    Faith is the hope of things not yet seen. So Faith is calling those things as you Believe and Not see, hear or feel.

    You talk about suffering for God....
    Most believers have all sorts of ideas what this means. say you can't walk in love if you are angry.....
    So then if you don't walk in love when you are angry you give into your fleshly nature.

    So it would seem it would be hard to say no flesh, I am walking in love and forgiveness and you stand down.

    Here is the deal Autumn , you have to work hard by making a choice to control your fleshy desires and not give them their way.....Have you done much of this? Lol Because there is Your Suffering. This is the type of suffering that is spoke about in the NT.

    All that other junk is set up by the devil and he uses you to do it. You, me, and every one else. Again strong holds that have taken root in your thinking.

    And Yes Autumn you too can be free from these. That's all for this reply. To many questions or areas in a post take away from things.

    So Autumn, :) is this starting to make sense to you?
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  15. I understand what youre saying...but how can I love someone I'm mad at? Its almost like I have to fake it and I cant, my facial expression wont allow it lol... I get it but... Idk how to do it... I guess right now its more important to just clear my mind BC ill never see that person again anyway.
  16. It's what's in your heart that makes the difference.

    That's easy. .... Stop being mad at them. To stay mad is holding a grudge or ought against some one.

    That is opposed to Love And Forgiveness .

    Instead of saying you don't know how to do this.....simply keep trying until you do. You may have to repent 100 times in a day for awhile but the number will get smaller over time. tell God you forgive them and you lift them up in prayer and ask God to forgive you of holding a grudge.

    10 minutes later you catch your self thinking about them and getting angry and such....That is the time to realize ah man I am doing it again. Then Father I repent of this and I love and forgive them and hold nothing against them and I ask that you would forgive me for doing it again.

    According to 1John 1:9
    If we're faithful to confess or ask to be forgiven. Then He is True And Just and forgives you.

    Then move on. This may happen all day long but if you put this into practice, eventually offenses won't even stick on you.

    It just takes work to learn how to do so but remember. ..... obedience is the key. You do your part and God's part will manifest in you.
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  17. Okay, I'm going to write this down and try it.
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  18. After a while it will make you laugh when you catch your self giving something time in your head. But it is then that you are making progress and you will notice it is less and less and less and then other things just can not get a grip on you.
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  19. right :) thanks for sticking with me this long ^__^
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  20. The way I see it we are all on the Father's time table soooo as long as we have time then we have time one for another!!
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