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  1. School~

    Do any of you homeschool or unschool your children?
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  2. Really doesn't apply to my family situation here... the kids have been 'out of the nest' for nearly 20 years... but I'd just like to state once again for ALL Christian parents to be AWARE and WARY of what is being taught in the Public School System. The administrators, athiests and activists ( all names used interchangably ) have created an environment in schools that disallows any religious mention. They teach the doctrines of the liberal left and have taken God out of the classroom.

    If I had to do it all over again, my kids would have gone to non-denominational Christian schools, but those were few and far between back in those days. I say non-denominational, because even some denominational schools, over the past century or so, have taught false doctrine.
  3. I wish I had never grown up in public schools.
    I remember saying prayer every morning, though.
    There is too much temptation and exposure to sin in the public school for a young, growing mind.
    It's like forcing a diabetic to work in a candy store.
    I am also very much against competition in any form because it is not healthy, emotionally.
    Kids need to focus, happily and peacefully on the right stuff!
  4. We are going to try Homeschooling but we are a little nervous. We are already super busy, and after the twins we'll have a home with 5 kids under 6 yrs old. Michael the oldest will be starting school this September.

    My wife and I both went to public schools, I didn't mind it much. But we've done a lot of research and we are going to go with Homeschooling.
  5. Gsusfrk, I am glad you are homeschooling; public schools are worse than ever.
    Look into unschooling which is a more relaxed way of teaching.
    Just a reminder~
    Many inventors and famous writers and geniuses did best with what we refer to as the unschooling method now.
  6. My stepdaughter Homeschools her children, she has been doing this sence they've been old enough to school. They range from 5yrs to 12yrs, she has 4 and she really enjoys it. The public schools have truly changed and does not seem for the better.

  7. This is a very good point! All of my life up until high school, *I have been in public school. In high school, my parents sent me to a private christian school because the local public high school was slipping in academics. I have found that kids can be mean in public and private schools (even christian). However, I can honestly say that private is a better environment than public . As for homeschooling, I'm not against it but I do think that children should get away from the house and socialize with other children. Although, homeschooling may be better for some children. I know this little girl that goes to my church and she appears to be autistic. At age 11, she plays with kids who are much younger and she doesn't seem to have much in common with other girls her age. Her mother home schools her, which is probably for the best. Knowing how cruel kids can be, I can not imagine how much kids would make fun of her.

    God willingly, when I have children, I will probably end up putting them in a private christian school. If I cannot afford it, I will put them in a decent public school. If I have a special needs child, I will home school and hire a professional helper.
  8. publis school makes you worldly yes it, true.and the lessons in life are harder.but i disagree with private me its like turning your back.
  9. But, Smellycat, we have to protect our children with young, impressionable minds.
    It is our duty to keep them far from sin and worldiness!
  10. if you takeyour good kids out of my public school,how can my kids learn?i cant afford who do my kids have?God is about helping and being even.
  11. Tell more about the unschool. I want to teach at home. My husband has concerns about it such as what if we don't know a subject. I think that's what homeschool curriculum fairs are for and some well chosen computer lessons. Kids in public schools are far too social and less academic these days.
  12. I will look through my bookmarks for you!
    Bless you~

    P.S. We learn WITH our kids~
  13. Lightenup, I will just start a new thread on unschooling~
  14. I agree with both Violet and Smellycat here.
    Some private and homeschools do not have the same curriculim(sp?), arts, music, PE (?) sports, computer, INTERACTION WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

    As "Christian" parents we will have to work harder to teach biblical truths to our kids and grandkids and find other outlets of fun, clubs, camps, etc... for them.:jesus-cross:

    Unfortunatly, the masses can't all be homeschooled or privately tutered. Money is a big issue for the lower income. Also, parents that both work, or have drug issues, or other issues or who are never home...I digress....

    My youngest just graduated high school. If I had to do it all over again, I would home it of go private. School is very scary and dangerous now. Good teaches no longer have any rights to defend themselves, and the bad ones keep getting in without having background checks done..tsk tsk.
  15. i learned a lot at public school.who the bad guys are,who does things for money,who bullies people for there own gain,the clever people who try to manipulate was a perfect world envirament ,thats why i look at motives.also i can think like a snake but be harmless as a dove.mark my words the world is anti jesus,in nearly every way.and he tells you if your not with me,your actually against me.i take this as a spirit issue,make your yes mean yes and your no mean no.anything else comes from the evil one.
  16. My first 4 went to public schools!:(

    One son had a gun pulled on him.
    Yes, we found out later it was a BB gun but that didn't make any difference at the time it happened.
    One girl in school took her father's life.
    One boy beheaded his mother.
    At least one committed suicide.
    And here recently a principal in my area was dismissed for child molestation and pornography!

    Sorry to be so graphic but these are truths we can't ignore~
  17. i agree with you violet it,s not a very nice world.but one thing people have to watch out for is you find good people,everywere and every place .same with bad.just diffrent mentalities of evil
  18. We homeschooled my oldest daughter until she was in the 9th grade- she was then admited to a private chirstian school with the highest entry scores ever posted there and went on to graduate in the 11th grade doing second year colledge courses. My boys were homeschooled for only a few years as we had real financial constraints- each one of those years was great although I must warn some folks here that homeschooling a teenager can be a trial!

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