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  1. Hello all reading
    My friend and I need help saving Catholics and Atheist. The Atheist at my school think of every excuse not to be a christian and say things like wheres the proof. The Catholics are stuck in there way and don't change. Are there any strategy's that will help them to make the wise decision.

  2. Only Jesus can save people. Your job and mine is to present the gospel as simply and as clearly as possible so there is no mistake. Speak it out, but remember to live your life as a living epistle, for you may be the only bible someone will ever read.

    It is our job in Christ to be seed sowers, which means we proclaim the truth of the word of God, and the actual tender of the garden is God, who waters that seed in the life of the hearer. He is the one who reaps the harvest, but it remains to be a partnership between us seed-sowers and God, and he will reward us for being instrumental in the redemption of every life we sow seed in.

    Living for Jesus is a rewarding life, even when we are up against much opposition. Keep sowing, with words and with your life. We are being watched.
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  3. God saves people. The only way someone can understand the Truth is if they are enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Plant the seeds, if they are fertile ground there isn't much else you need to do.
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  4. Only under the conviction of the Holy Spirit do people get saved. No amount of arguing or debating will convert people, after we tell them the plan of salvation, it is between them and God.
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  5. Thanks all for your replys. God bless.

  6. The replies you have recieved so far are solid.
    If you are asking about some practical ideas for reaching these people or how to get past their defenses to where they may actually hear you, that is something else.
    Feel free to message me with specifics, and I'll gladly share what I can.
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  7. While the message itself is very straight forward and you cannot change it, how you approach a person to present the gospel is something you can think off.. Once I heard Ravi Zacharias answer this for a question.. The most important thing to consider is, you are speaking with another person.. Who is going through the same things that you and me go through.. You are not going to gain anything by confronting the person and challenging his beliefs.. He should really see from your life on what is lacking.. And through that situation, present the gospel.. I come from India, land of hinduism! Generally when hindu friends have problems, they ask the Christians friends to pray.. Not the hindu friends! That is the important thing.. How we show the love to them. Simple commandment right.. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.
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  8. Amen!
    Too often to I feel that we as Christians (mostly myself) try to sell the gospel like a vacuum cleaner. We talk to the person, half heatedly get to know them, learn about their family, then WHAM! we hit them with a tract, a bible verse or something along those lines. I'm not saying any of those are wrong, but if we don't first truly love the guy we are speaking with, they will know it, and it makes the gospel almost seem like a sales pitch to them.

    On the other had, I tend to prolong relationships with little to no full on one on one discussion about the gospel more often than I should.
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  9. There is no substitute for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Just remember only the Word of God can "pierce" the darkness which has kept these people in bondage.
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  10. Pray for them, especially the atheists. Atheists sometimes seem like a chicken with its head cut off, not knowing what to do, since they don't have a relationship with the Lord.

    I dont see why your so bothered about the Catholics. At least they love Jesus too don't they?
  11. My church (and as far as I know, most churches) teaches that Catholics are saved. I am a Lutheran (a branch of Christianity started by a guy who was against a lot of Catholic beliefs) and I firmly believe tha Catholics are saved. "For Hod so loved the world He sent His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." -John 3:16. Catholics do believe this, so I believe they are saved. While not all of their practices are Bibically correct, they believe what is nessecary to inherit eternal life. God bless you as you try to bring people to our faith!

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