Save me for the waters,

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  1. Save me for the waters,


    Save me for the waters,
    Have come to my neck,
    There is no foot hold,
    As I call for help,
    My throat has become parched,
    Lord come and save me,
    I'm sinking down in this mirey depths,
    My eyes are failing in looking for my Lord,
    There are those who see me,
    Slipping away from you,
    No one has come to help me,
    Lord I cry out to you,
    Hear me call to you,
    Come to me Jesus take my hand,
    Take me now, beside you I stand,
    I can't live without you,
    Hasten O Lord and lift me up,
    Out of this mire,
    Lift me Lord up higher.

    written by :heart: ramon :heart: 16/6/09

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