Satan's hand in Rock/Rap

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  1. Satan's hand in Rock/Rap

    An interesting video on the power of evil in Rock and Roll. Some might find this far-fetched, but I believe the film and the artists speak for themselves.

  2. Waslost I have to tell you my opinion - you can play any type of music and be a satanist- there are evil people in every field of every part of society- from musicians to brainsurgeons- But we know that wouldn't necessarily mean brain sugery was bad. I have stated before that music (in all it's forms ans expressions) was created to worship God- just because ignorant and/or demonized people (I have met both kinds) want to use it for corruption doesn't mean it is all bad- if I use this line of thougth I would be in real trouble as the demonic religions mimic God's ways close enough to cause alot of confusion for some people. I have heard some awesome worship of God come in the form of rock, rap, blues style and many others- don't throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater.
  3. I think it is easy to find evil in almost anything if you look hard enough and your desire is great enough. The same can be said of good. IMO, music is what you make of it. Both as a listener and as a musician. More often than not, the culure that R&R and Rap musicians follow is filled with drug abuse, sex abuse, and carnal living. I've seen it's effect many time. But that is the effect of the world, not always just the music. Music in any form can be a wonderful thing, and it is your job as a Christian to decide if it is leading you down a bad path. But, I do not believe in wholesale condemnation of any art form.
  4. The day they start to play rap music in our church would the day I'm leaving.:)
  5. Wouldn't you condemn pornographic art?
  6. Brother Striuck I have heard young people who have dedicated their lives to producing rap music that glorifies Christ- the original meaning if r a p was rythem and poetry-of course I can't and will not stand for the obscene garbage that many blast out of some of the car windows I pass There are some preachers who use the Word of God fo nothing more than corrupt efforts to extort money from people (robert tilton for example) but I will not reject someone preaching God's Word with a true heart because of that.
    By the way brother- this is America and I respect your right to listen to what you want and I love you as a brother.
  7. Yes, I have heard these kind of things before, and than you find out later that the whole thing was a false conversion and they were back in the old life.
  8. I would certainly condemn specific works of art, or even specific artists. But that doesn't mean that because someone created a pornographic oil painting, that I condemn all oil paintings and view only Pastel drawings, water paintings, or sculptures.
  9. Glad to hear it.:)
  10. "than you find out later that the whole thing was a false conversion and they were back in the old life."- some of these young people I am refering to have been Christian since childhood so going back to their old life would be a good thing- as far as anyone else I guess time will have to tell but I won't execute a man before he even has a chance to commit a crime- we all stand or fall before God.
  11. That's exactly why I wouldn't take a chance on it.
    When there is an appearance of evil there usually is some evil.
    Why be bothered to play with it.:)
  12. I have always considered myself an optimist although I always keep one foot on the ground- But at least so far I have seen Godly fruit borne out of it and they seem to reach young people who wouldn't even listen to me- and praise God this is still America and we can listen to what edifies us!
  13. Forgive my insertion into this topic if it is out of line, since I am new. Music is an interesting thing. It(like anything else) can be used for God or apart from Him. However, I completely disagree with anyone who would say that certain types of music "appear evil". The reason anyone thinks that a sound in music "sounds" evil is simply the connotation that that person has with that musical sound or the connotation that they have with something of which it reminds them. One real problem that I have found among myself and my friends is that when there is not God-praising music available in a genre that we/they/whoever likes, if the person likes it enough, they still will listen to the secular songs in that genre. If anything I would like to see more versatility in the Christian music industry and I think we are indeed starting to see that around the country. We are blessed here in Columbus to have a station which plays Christian pop, rock, rap, electronic etc. Although I may or may not agree with everything that any station does. The vast majority of this music is uplifting to God and to other people. That for me is the "litnus test". If it enables you to become closer to God and others to do so as well, then its is probably not a problem. I always think about the kosher meat issue for which I am sure someone else has the verses, but I have to run right now and don't have time to look them up. Again, hope I didn't step on any toes and if you have read this far thank you.
  14. A Christian music critic

    That's interesting, because there was a Christian music critic who also felt somewhat the same as you do. It wasn't about rap, but it was a controversial style of music. Here is a quote from that man...

    There exists a vast mass of love songs of the poets, written in a fashion entirely foreign to the profession and name of Christians. They are the songs of men ruled by passion, and a great number of musicians, corrupters of youth, make them the concern of their art and their industry; in proportion as they flourish through praise of their skill, so do they offend good and serious-minded men by the depraved taste of their work. I blush and grieve to think that once I was of their number. But while I cannot change the past, nor undo what is done, I have mended my ways. Therefore, I have labored on songs which have been written in praise of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    The person who said this was Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c. 1525-1594), and the style of music he was referring to was hymns! Yet, many Christians today would consider hymns to be holy and pleasing to the Lord. I'm sure one day, rock, metal, and even rap will be considered the same. It's all about point of view, unless God Himself says otherwise. And since there's no scripture which says what kind of music God likes/dislikes, we are probably safe with Christian rap (I personally can't stand the stuff!).

    However, having said all that, if you feel that this type of music offends you, then by all means find a place to worship in a way which makes you comfortable. I don't think anyone should have to be forced to worship one way or another. :israel:
  15. Thanks for copying and paste-ing.

    Anyhow..... considering your opinion about Christian schools and a few issues on other threads, it's probably wise for me not to discuss rap music with you. :)
  16. Anyone ever hear Fireproof or any other band that raps? They are part of Battlecry *cough*
  17. I just watched the video now. I'm surprised to hear they're still pushing the "backwards message" thing. I've always had a hard time with that because they first tell you what to listen for, and then they play the backwards message. I wonder what one would hear if no suggestion was given as to what to listen for? Anyway, there's no doubt that secular music (of any genre) is not pleasing to the Lord. I only purchase Christian music now (with the exception of movie soundtracks). I used to be a huge Led Zeppelin fan, but as I got older, it just wore off. Now I could care less to even hear their songs on the radio! Anyway, thanks for the link!
  18. When the organ began to appear in churches the congregations rebelled calling it the devils bagpipes- now the old tradtional style churches wouldn't have a service without them- You can use almost anything for good or evil but I stick to my supposition that music was created to worship God and all it's expressions can be used in holy ways.
  19. Amen to that, what Boanerges just said is wat i think too. simply because there ppl that rock music for god eg. planet shakers,switch foot and Hill song.
  20. i don't think music can affect people that much to change someone's belief...most of the songs written in the world are about love, if music affected ppl that much, the world would be full of love

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