Sabbath 7/11/15 Daytona SDB church Pastor Wray sermon “Doing Greater Works”

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  1. Sabbath 7/11/15 Daytona SDB church Pastor Wray sermon “Doing Greater Works” John 14:12

    In this passage there are things that anchor in one’s mind. Jesus said if we believe in Him, the works that He has done, we will do. We will do greater works because Jesus goes to God. Jesus is speaking to his disciples and to us. This flies past most of us when we read it…..greater works we will do because Jesus goes to the Father. Jesus is saying that if you think what I have done is great, wait and see what you can do once I go to my father. Jesus said it so it is true.

    We must see how this applies to us. The disciples had power from the Lord to do the works of healing, casting out demons and raising people from the dead. After Jesus went back to Heaven, it is recorded in Acts, the many miracles the disciples did. They did miracles like Jesus did but could only do them because they had power from Jesus. They believed in Jesus and He had gone back to the Father.

    To believe in the Lord is more than just believing in his existence. The believer must accept his divinity and that He is the Son of God and He is God in the flesh. To believe in the Lord Jesus is to believe in God the Father, the one who sent Him. Jesus came forth from the Father and went back to the Father. Jesus was conceived of the Father and His human part is now Divine. He went back to be in the Father. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us! Before Jesus did a healing, He always asked the person “Do you believe?” He was asking them if they believed in His Divinity and His almighty power to heal.

    Jesus said we would do greater works. These greater works mean that our righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees. The Pharisees did things to be seen, for show to be seen as looking all Holy. They did good things just to be seen by others. Jesus meant that the motives of the disciples must be spiritual in content. Their good works should have a spiritual origin and not be empty works like the Pharisees. Greater works also meant healings on the spiritual plane. Not just physical healings but the spiritual healings of the mind and heart. Healing meant spiritual healing of the blindness of the heart. We should feed those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Spiritual feeding of the people represents changes in the people’s spirit and heart.

    We that believe can be given the power to do good works for people. We can heal the spiritual blindness, spiritual deafness and spiritual hunger of others. We must understand this scripture so it will increase our faith. And we will not doubt the Word of God. The seed of the word must not fall by the wayside and not be understood by us. We must read and understand the Word of God and believe that Jesus is Divine. His human part from his mother Mary was made Divine and Jesus went back to being in the Father.

    We must remember that spiritual things are more important than natural things God said don’t set your heart on riches and treasure on the earth. Let your treasures be in Heaven where moths and rust don’t corrupt it. What to do then?

    1. Read the Word and recognize the Truth of God.

      Examine ourselves and see how we interact with others. See if we take time to help others in need.
    2. Let our words and works be an extension of what is in our mind. We must have true thoughts and compassion for others.

    3. The spiritual life in us should not be carried away by the world’s ways. Don’t forget our spiritual lives. Don’t forget who we belong to! We belong to God!!
    Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto us. We will be able to do the greater works that Jesus promised we would do. Keep our minds stayed on Jesus!!

  3. Greater works shall ye do.....

    There is no greater work than raising the dead.
    Jesus was 'limited' in that when he came he came "to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" Salvation is of the Jews first then the gentiles.
    But after that the Holy Spirit shall come upon you ye shall be my witnesses through out the world.
    In that regard we shall do greater than He who did those things only in the land of Israel.
    "As the Father sent me so send I you"
    I still do not think the church knows God "who is from the beginning " or very much of greater thiings shall ye do .

    Because if you do not believe the first book "in the beginning" How can you believe Him or indeed know Him who is from the beginning?
    if you compromise with the world with the first book you will compromise it will all even to the last .
    Jesus was unmovable, unstoppable and was as free as any man could be as the Son of God simply because he knew where he came from and where he was going and why he was where he was and for what purpose .
    No man knoweth the father save the Son and no man knoweth the Son save the Father .
    "Little children ye know the father and your sins are forgiven"
    But what about "Ye young men the word of God abides in you abundently or richly and ye have overcome the wicked one"?
    is that not more wonderful?
    Then you have "ye fathers ye know Him who is from the beginning"
    That is the Creator .
    The church does not know Him who is from the beginning.
    and while they know the father as little children .
    They know he cares for them and provides for them.
    They know that he goes and comes .But have no idea of what he does as a living as it were.
    When sons used to follow in their fathers footsteps in his trade or business. Then what they saw the father doing that did they .
    So too then sons of God.
    Jesus said what i see the Father doing that do I .
    Where did he get his doctrine from? and where did he 'see' his father doing?
    Primarily from the Old testament and the understanding from the Holy Spirit of God .

    The Words that I speak said Jesus are not my own words but it is the Father who is IN me who doeth the works .
    When ye pray pray in secret and the father who sees in secret will reward you openly .
    Men who speak to God about men and let God speak to them . Will be far able to speak to man about God.
    and the words they speak will not be their own words but it will be Christ in them that doeth the work. and what God teacheth them they will be able to teach others.After having been taught first themsleves and as it were eaten of that which they hope to give .

    in Christ

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