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Sabbath 12/20/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon Taking the Light Into the World

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Miz KJV Only, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Sabbath 12/20/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon Taking the Light Into the World John 1:11-13

    In the text in chapter John, we see He is in the beginning. He was with God, He created all things, He was the source of all life and He is the light to everyone. The Word became flesh and was Jesus! Jesus was there from the beginning with God.
    The Good News > He came.
    Jesus left Heaven and came to earth. Earth is a mess now and was a mess back then. Jesus came to his own people, the Jewish people. It was prophesized that He would come to his own people and they would not receive Jesus. They would not let Him in the door. That is not receiving Him. Some people let Him in their door but He only got into their front parlor, their outer living room. Jesus didn’t get into the inner house, into their kitchen. People we welcome, people we receive, we let into our kitchen and offer them a cup of coffee. A group of your friends may come over and there will be fifteen people standing or sitting in your kitchen. Those folk who let Jesus into their kitchen became the children of God.

    There is a process of becoming a child of God. This is continuing on with Jesus being received and being let into the kitchen of your life. In this process you learn more of God and Jesus. You continue to mature as a child of God. We are born again and made children of God only by letting Jesus into the kitchen. It is not by the will of our flesh that we receive Jesus. It is not by the will of man either. It is only by the will of God. Your church denomination does not make you saved or having received Christ. You must believe in Jesus and let Him into your kitchen. It was the will of God that sent Jesus to us. God sent Jesus for us. It was the will of God. This is the only way we come to faith, believe and receive! The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.


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