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  1. Good morning ... I am here to share a bit about me but I do promise to be back soon.

    * Born in Japan ... due to the fact that my dad was Air Force
    * Moved around a lot
    * Met my husband at a Valentine's Day Parti
    * Got married ... April Fool's Day
    * Been married for 35 years to a wonderful man
    * 3 Adult Children + 1 daughter in law & 1 son in law to be
    * I'm a Christian & attend a Church of Christ in the area
    * Enjoys photography & scrapbooking in the winter
    * Enjoys making new friends
    * Enjoys learning how to cook HEALTHY MEALS for the family
  2. Hey there...welcome..we need some solid female posters, IMO. Dive right in!
  3. Thank you for the special welcome Rusty !!
  4. Your more than welcome! This is a great forum which (IMO) needs some women of experience in the Lord and in the family.

    I for one cannot see how a group can flourish without good female input....Just saying.
  5. Hello and welcome
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  6. Great introduction! :)

    Welcome to the forums....LOrd Bless!!
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  7. Thank you both to Brother _Mike & Jake ... thank you for the warm welcome !! I do hope to CATCH UP today and look around some more sosee you all soon !!!
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  8. Hi HiswinterRose welcome to CFS. Please feel free and at home here. Your among friends here also brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Be happy this special day that the Lord has made

    Nice to meet you sis
    U can call me chili
    Ya know I got a million bros and sis's. I just have not met them all yet LOL :ROFLMAO:
  9. A late Welcome to you. Hope you are enjoying the fellowship. :)
  10. You can cook for me anytime you want! ;) (even a healthy one)

    Welcome to the forums :D
  11. :) Thank you again for the warm welcome's !!!

    :p IF any of you have some name Lady Karen ... that would be me as I forgot that I was a MEMBER here years ago so please forgive me for starting another account so I am hoping that I can get my points moved over into one account and so ... thanks again for the warm welcome :) :) :)
  12. Welcome HisWinterRose, hope your stay here is a fruitful one.
  13. :) Thank you so much ... for the warm welcome !!! :)
  14. aaaaaaaa HHHAAAAA!!!! I remember you...at least the name for sure. ya it has been a long time Lady. So I say this then.....WELCOME BACK SIS! hehehehe
  15. Hi Karen,

    I had a feeling that you looked so familiar but didn't wanna say anything just incase...Oh dear I'm even friends with you on FB LOL! This is embarrassing! Anyhow its good to see you back...Hope you've been well and welcome back :)

    God BLess
  16. :D :D :D

    Thank you one and all for the WARM WELCOME'S and YES JAKE ... it's good to have you here and FACEBOOK too :D CHILI ... good to see you too and so have a blessed day one and all !!
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  17. welcome to the forum!

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