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  1. One need not fully understand the blessings of God to be partaker in “all things that pertain unto life and godliness,” which He, by “His divine power hath given unto us” (2Pe 1:3). Upon rebirth the recipient of these blessings learns to know them through Scripture, then the Spirit progressively gives the understanding concerning the purpose, function and appropriation of them all. It took much of our lives to get to them (i.e. salvation, etc.) and we will be spending the rest of our lives to learn to walk in them.

    During the time we are gaining more understanding concerning the blessings of God for the saint, we are in full possession of them all, thus giving us title to them, but we can walk in only those we first know (through Scripture), then understand and appropriate (by the Spirit’s teachings). Just as a reborn has the Spirit of God (“lives in the Spirit”) within, the issue now is always increasing understanding concerning the “walk in the Spirit” (Gal 5:25), wherein lies the fullness of eternal “life and godliness.”

    As the believer is fully aware, the primary purpose of all things is to glorify God, and His method of choice in doing so is primarily through “reconciliation.” The love of God, especially to the believer is the pinnacle evidence of His glory, which cannot more fully manifest itself in any other way than through “reconciliation”; and the heart of which God desires to be reconciled is the selfsame heart which offers the greatest resistance. If we do not understand God’s forgiveness concerning all of our sin, it’s doubtless that His forgiveness is rightly understood concerning any of our sin, but nevertheless complete forgiveness has been received for all reborn.

    It is the pure conscience which reveals the proper comprehension of reconciliation, and it is when God shows us the “old man” and its deeds that He is glorified in our response of faith concerning being “sanctified” and reconciled with Him—which was “once for all” time established for us at rebirth (Heb 10:10). Within the last century I believe one of the greatest hindrances with many within Christendom is that we have been unknowingly taught (their teachers also) in our spiritual life to conceive the admixture of Judaism and Christianity (Judeo-Christian!#?) within our understanding. This explains why we often collate salvation and its blessed provisions with that of merit, for such was rightfully centric of God’s covenant with Israel, in that the provisions of forgiveness and all blessings were merit-dependent.

    Thus, the guilt of sin believers retain will be in conscience only, for all reborn are completely guiltless (Rom 8:1). Though we are forever reconciled from rebirth, the level of our walk within “the ministry of reconciliation” (2Co 5:18) will be commensurate with the attribution that is made towards self in effecting or retaining it (Jhn 3:30).

  2. Part of our problem (mine too for many years) as believers, is a doubt that those sins that we have committed and been forgiven for, are truly "Forgiven." It is very difficult and I dare say virtually impossible for us (me) to FORGET those sins. Then we punish ourselves by our own doubt that God truly has put them away from His memory, ("as far as the East is from the West").

    We know ourselves very well, and realize that we can easily slip back into our former carnal "person" at the drop of a coin. We know all too well that it happens from time to time. There are lots of Biblical examples of this. How about Peters denial of Christ, not once, but THREE times!! I'll bet it took him a long time to forgive HIMSELF for that. In fact, Jesus, in a conversation with Peter, tells him (paraphrased) "look Peter, I know you are struggling right now; but when you get yourself together, take care of the rest of the folks like I need you to."

    In a recent and difficult time my wife was going thru, she was (and still is, to some degree) struggling with anger at God (for a lot of reasons). Unjustifiable, of course, but still real. Along with that anger, was the deep sense of guilt that she was struggling with, for a particular sin that she committed when she was 14 (she's now in her later fifties). Unwilling to believe that the sin that seemed so terrible and unforgivable, had truly been removed from her resume as a believer.

    As a result, she began to go into a form of rebellion in the last year or so, that presented to me additional grouping of dangerous and wrong decisions, that would seriously jeopardize her relationship to God.

    I've been married to this lovely gal for thirty-eight years. I "know" this woman. But the woman I've been watching in the last year or so, is like someone I had never met. It was scary to observe!

    I see how tortured she has been; remembering her sin; no longer willing to believe that the Forgiveness she had been given, was real.

    What I've learned from all this, is that it IS possible to slip back to our carnal selves, when we are tempted to doubt what we know; what we believe; what God has said. I found that I (on a couple of occasions in my life) could easily slip back (and did) into my former self. But thanks be to God, I was able to see my slipping for what it was, and made a conscious choice in those moments, to acknowledge the carnal side, admit it to trusted folks, and intentionally choose to remain the man who had long ago surrendered to Christ. I stood against the former self, and declared to God my love for Him, and my intentional choice to live from a perspective of joy, hope and confidence in my Redeemer.

    Day by day, in my wife's case, I see improvements in her increasing openness to God; I see some small baby-step victories. I have learned to be patient in the help I offer. Gently encouraging (no "preaching") and most importantly, simply living the life of hope. Being "real," but also expressing confidence in God through it all.

  3. Hi brother Steve - Thanks for your reply and sensitive comments. Fortunately our forgiveness is based on our faith in what Scripture teaches and not our understanding, for we live by faith and not by explanations, though we are encouraged in our faith through the Spirit imparting understanding--which eventually comes--often after faith has been exercised without always understanding or explanation, so faith can grow.

    God's blessings to your Family, esp. to tour wife. I believe the wife, esp. where children are involved should always receive the most honor and attention because of her work in caring for everyone before herself, which usually involves much more time and labor than all others put together!
  4. "............ it is Christ Himself living His own life through us; 'no longer I, but Christ."

    This portion of your signature, states clearly what is the truth of it all. I would only add that He Lives His own Life thru us, to the extent that we are willing to allow Him to do so. I'm sure you would agree that He is gentle in His approach to us, and never forces His will. Our part is to remain open and willing to allow Him to work in us, and thru us.

  5. Yes, the Spirit brings us along at our individual pace by using the life of Christ (Col 3:4). It is the Lord Jesus and His life by which the Spirit uses and "moves" us (Acts 17:28).

    Good point concerning Christ forcing us, and it is why we ask and receive Him, for He will not trespass, or He would enter everyone's life.

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