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  1. revelation

    daily sacrifice,is this church or followers.?
  2. Denying ourselves . Is it an sacrifice ?
  3. If a church is empty - do you still call it a church?
  4. if a jam jar is empty is it still a jam jar.?
  5. ...but friends, I tell you this.

    Truly, if a jam jar is empty, then what have you done with the jam?

    Either you place the jam in a bowl (and call it a jambowl) or Smelly's standing there grinnin with jam all over his lips.:cool:
  6. I vote for the 2nd, WW!
  7. WW, we'd get in BIG trouble together!!!!!
  8. I know, I know! You remind me of one of my friends. We really do always get into trouble together, he he he

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