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  1. When we cease to open ourselves to the invading force of God, then roots of bitterness and resentment begin to grow in us. Of all things that choke our spiritual growth, resentment is probably the most devastatingly effective.

    Resentment is wrong, and having surrendered the resentment to God, the next step is to forgive those against whom you been holding resentment. One Christian use the simple but effective technique of praying for the person against whom she feels a budding resentment. She says "Its difficult to hold resentment against someone you pray for.
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  2. I have just gone through this crisis. However, praying for them did not stem the resentment. I had to have a serious wrestling and conviction-riddled "night season" with God, and a confession to that person. That fixed everything!

    Sometimes just praying for someone is not enough; God wants us to act.
  3. Yes that was the same for me to, what did it for me was buying that persons ( a married couple. My neighbors at the time) gifts and wanting to give it to them seeing their eyes light up surprised that their neighbor bought them something. The resentment was fading from that point onwards. Wasn't just one gift no sir ree i wanted to buy them more! not once not twice but three times more! I bought their children gifts even their dog, well he got a good meal from me i did everything to win them back.

    Then one day the wife came knocking at my door with a plate of food she had cooked saying to me i come to bare gifts i laughed, she laughed and i thanked her. That day on wards we have beceome good neighbors.

    I like to think tho if if did stick to praying for them over time it would of worked my resentment would of faded away, the gifts was quicker or maybe thats what i was meant to do.

    So if all else fails buy them something:) Just make sure in your heart you want to do this first.
  4. That was what you meant to do...the prayers I think were to soften you up so God could tell you...."Give them little gifts."

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