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  1. Relax

    Come on in and relax, take a load off. This is a place where we can enjoy each others fellowship, share ideas, thoughts, wisdom and expieriences. Lets enjoy the fellowship and not pick nits with our brothers as we are to encourage and edify each other- selah
  2. Yah ..... Go pick your nits somewhere else. :dance::dance::dance::D:D:D:D What are nits anyways ??? Like flees ???

  3. They are the eggs of lice- they are so small they can only be removed from hair one at a time with a special comb- thus the expresion " picking nits".
  4. We used the word "nits" as another word for "lice". So, nit picking is specifically, the picking of tiny little white bugs from a persons hair. I think of monkeys sitting around and one keeps picking at the other one. :p I dunno about you, but I don't want to pick anyone's nits out, thank you.

    Today is a very relaxing day for me. I'm sick. I want to do nothing but sit around all day and do nothing!!!!!! (How come mommy's can't take a day off? :( I still gotta cook food, do dishes, etc. But I did take a break from many things, so the kids are happy to have a day off of home schooling, and hubby has instructions to bring home dinner, and I refuse to fold the laundry.) No one get too close to me today. This cold is a contagious one. :D It's more contagious than catching lice.
  5. Bookworm ..... I hope you are feeling better.
  6. Thanks. :) Maybe tomorrow I will be.....or the next day, or the next day. I just hate being sick because it decreases my productiveness. My whole brain turns mushy.

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