Reading the whole Bible

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by martijnl01, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Reading the whole Bible

    Last week I started to read the whole Bible,
    I started with Genesis and now I'm at the 20th capital.

    Are there people out there who already have read the whole Bible? Maybe you can advise me.
  2. Best advice I can offer is get a copy of a "Bible in a Year". I like the "Daily Bread", but I'm also looking at the "Chronological Bible". I like the "Daily Bread" because every day, you are given a few chapters of Old Testament, and a few chapters of New Testament, and a Psalm. It really helps keep it alive and makes the reading much more fun and real. The brute force method get's boring when you get into certain OT books. @_@
  3. Yes Brother Ban ... I have the same Bible and am going through it that was as well and started in January . It is good the way it is devided into daily readings. like you said some from the old , new , psalms and proverbs. I like it .
  4. Some people recommend you read the historical books first, then go back and read the historical books with their Supplement.
  5. I like to start at the beginning and read to the end so I don't miss anything. It takes about 4 months reading 15 pages a day. Everytime I read it, I learn something new.
  6. Bible in a year.

    Well the Bible in a year thing can pace you. It's best to meditate and go through slowly. When you pass from Old to new or New to Old you will start finding things to compare and match.

    Stay with it and take a year if you need.

    Be Blessed.
  7. I havent actually read the bible from start to finish but i definitely need to do it.
    i keep finding new things every day as im flicking through
  8. Someday, we will meet the author. I think it will be wonderful to actually read His book before meeting him.

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