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  1. Quick Question

    This might seem kind of random but it has to do with membership, etc.

    If someone were to say that they didn't consider themselves Christian (I'm using it kind of loosely) but they still believed in God, agreed to the Statement of Faith, so on and so forth, and most everything else, would they still be a member? This question is really awkward to phrase. For better words, they do not call themselves a Christian but still act and follow Christian principles, still call Jesus Christ their savior, the whole nine yards (basically). Does that make any sense?

    I had a friend, once, who was like that. And he was still a member of a Christian forum I once frequented.
  2. If a person is the Christian they KNOW they are a Christian, no doubt about it. They KNOW they have been changed and have a personal relationship with Jesus. I don't understand why someone who knows the Lord would refuse to call themselves a Christian. I do know some call themselves 'Believers" and that would be ok since that's what the Bible says.

    Many people believe in Christian principles, believe Jesus is who He says He is, and try to live a good life, but that doesn't make a person a Christan. There are good people in churches everywhere like that. Then there are people who believe in "God", which is different for each person, but are not Christians.
  3. That's what I was saying. He really didn't explain. I was just curious because that forum kept him and didn't seem to mind, so it just popped into my thoughts earlier and I wondered if it would be the same here?

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  5. N-T-G: We have certain procedures here at CFS to pre-screen applicants and to verify that what they say in their application is correct. When a person applies for CFS membership, our staff of evaluators look into those details and if anything is questionable, we send an email of inquiry to have that clarified.

    Our application form asks for "Date Accepted Christ" - in other words, a person must be Christian to properly submit the application. There ARE certain rare cases when someone will send us an email asking for assistance in BECOMING a Christian. We consult with those persons and if they meet all other criteria, we allow them in as 'partial' members and they are on probation. This allows them to fellowship with our members, to ask questions and to learn more about Christianity and Christian values. We have had several 'conversions' that way here at CFS.

    I can not speak for other forums, but that's the way that we, here at CFS, do things.


    Pastor Gary

    (Senior Moderator and Staff Trainer)

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