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Questions:JS...Alert box in Memory game/getting 1a = 1b

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by tpkyteroo, May 10, 2006.

  1. Questions:JS...Alert box in Memory game/getting 1a = 1b

    Java Script help needed: 2 questions:
    I have a memory game that I would like to add an Alert box too so that people know when they have won the game. The problem is that no matter where the alert box is put, it does not work properly. My JS skills are zippo.
    The link to my site where a memory game is (I plan on getting christian ones up on a different page later)
    This is direct link to the game itself outside of frames. The bottom card disappears and reappears.

    Also, I need to have another memory game where one can match apples to oranges. For example, I want to put 1 half of the bible verse on one card, and the 2 half of the bible verse on another card and have the game know that 1a = 1b. How do I do that?


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