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is posting about my own work ok?

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  1. as a publisher am i allowed to mention my own books when posting here, or must i only talk about other peoples work?
  2. This would be the right place to do it :) Whatchya got?
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  3. my latest book is this one, and i have others i am working on, but haven't published.
    (title is. year of Jesus Christ: Book of Temple peter) link:
    and free PDF of the first chapter:

    any comments on it would be appreciated.
  4. How did you publish? What was involved?
  5. It took some time to do it, but i set up a publishing company, and opened a account with amazon.
    i have friends who i employed to help with formatting, editing, cover design and proofreading. (i have an agreement to pay them part of my profits.
  6. Cool! I wrote a book - no one reads it - but it's there for free on my site.

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