Question on deleting files

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  1. Question on deleting files

    I have a question on deleting files. I was trying to upload some pictures and noticed I had used up about 50% of my file storage space available. I was wondering - how can I go back and delete the older files I don't need, such as attachments, etc?
  2. Oops I think I posted this in the wrong place. Can someone move it to the right area? Thanks.
  3. It's OK here, NTG -

    The easiest way is to go into your "SETTINGS" file page from the click button - top right on the main page. Once you are in your "SETTINGS" screen, scroll down in the left menu and you will see a line called "Attachments". Click on that and you can manage everything from there.

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  4. Okay, thanks. I was trying to find the delete button in the upload files section where you go to download pictures for albums.

    I appreciate your help. :)

  5. There are certain things I am still trying to figure out with the new software. Pastor Gary seems to learn the new controls much faster than me.

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