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Question no one may be able to answer..

Discussion in 'Answers' started by starplayr24, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Question no one may be able to answer..

    I was praying and talking to God for about 20-25 mins two nighst ago while laying on my stomach in my bed before I went to sleep. I was getting real sleepy towards the end of my praying and had my eyes closed. Right before I finished praying my body was literally somewhat "pushed" into my mattress. I felt my body and my left shoulder go into the mattress somewhat. It really felt like something entered my body almost.

    Is this God making his presence felt upon me? I really don't know what to make of this. I'm not disturbed by any means, just kind of curious if anyone has heard of such a thing?

    Might sound off the wall and if no one has any explanation, I understand lol


  2. Did it feel like the presence of the Lord? Or bad?

    I dont know how I'd feel if I was on the bed but I felt the heavy anointing of God come on me before when I was standing and sitting. It was like a heavy feeling but good. The word 'glory' (glory of God) means weighy or heavy.
  3. sometimes if i'm sleepy and unknowingly drift alseep, it may seem like i fell and sometimes i wake up with my heart racing.
  4. It felt like the presence of the Lord definitely. It was a good feeling, it was almost like a breathe of fresh air.
  5. Godspeaks that is really interesting info about the word Glory :smiley90: I never knew that .

    starplayr24 what a awesome experience that must have been . Do you recollect what your prayer was focused on
    starplayr24 ?
  6. I can't remember exactly. Like I stated above, I was talking with the Lord for about 25-30 mins. I was just sharing my thoughts with Him, asking advice, saying thank you, and looking for guidance. It was just kind of an overall chat with God. I do know that part of my prayer was asking God for advice on my ex girlfriend. It really was an awesome feeling I experienced. I still don't know what it meant or maybe He just wanted me to feel His presence? I don't know, but it really was astonishing.
  7. I one time was praying and the spirit of God fell upon me, I fell to my knee, and laid my head down prostrate before the Lord, and it felt as you said like i was being pushed into the floor, and when I tried to raise up I could not. This was in my case definitely the presence of the Lord
  8. Good to hear another's experience similar to mine! I was literally pushed into my mattress and I felt the springs being tighten and felt my body release from the springs for my experience. Awesome feeling
  9. In the book of Psalms 16:11 it is written " In your presence is fullness of Joy " :smiley90:
  10. You Lord hears your prayers and I believe this experience of yours was Gods doing. Praise his Holy name! :)

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