question about Christ.

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  1. question about Christ.


    I walk already a long time with this question, but I can't find an answer myself, so I ask you, so maybe one of you people may know it.

    There are many prophecies about the coming of Christ, and that He (The Messiah) needed to for fill many tasks. (like being stabbed without breaking a bone)

    does anyone know them all, or a place where I can see them all?

    I know it are some more than 400, but I really want to read them once (or more :p).

    already thanks
  2. I tried this once as well, and was able to find several. But I never found a really good list of all of them.
  3. My hyperlinks just aren't good enough for some people :-(
  4. Here are 54, if you need more please let me know. God Bless!

    Wh y J e s u s / Y e s h u a [​IMG] I s T h e M e s s i a h

    54 Bible Prophecies and Historical Facts*

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