"Putting a Fleece before the Lord"

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  1. "Putting a Fleece before the Lord"

    That's a quote from one of my favourite Christian stories called The Cross and The Switchblade (anyone else read it?) and the man who wrote it, David Wilkerson, wrote about how he "put a fleece before the Lord" which means to ask for a sign from God. He received a sign and was appointed a mission, to help gangs in New York.

    I would love for the Lord to give me a sign of something to do (obviously not as big as helping a big gang in NYC), as I feel I don't do enough, you know? I go to church every Sunday, I pray, I read my Bible, but I want to do more for Him. I pray to Him to give me something to do for Him but as of yet I haven't got anything back. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can basically elaborate on this?
  2. Let Him live through you . so long as it is you doing it . God will stand aside and let you do your own thing . but doing something with God is completely different . like a dance . God leads .. and you get swept away in the beauty of it .

    praying and reading the bible is good . another part is surrendering any pre-conceived notions you may have as to what will happen . just go where He "leads" you .. and get to know people and love .
  3. Don't overlook the obvious, nor discount the small or mundane. Strive to be Christ-like in your interactions with everyone you encounter day to day. Look for and take advantage of every opportunity to share the Gospel and the Love of Christ with someone. Volunteer with an organization that helps people, maybe like the Union Gospel Mission which helps the homeless and destitute. Visit or volunteer at a nursing home or cancer ward. Teach Sunday School. All of these things and more are important in the Kingdom of God and lay an excellent foundation for anything we more typically think of as "ministry" that God may call us into. You may be surprised where you encounter God and hear His voice or see His sign when you are meeting the needs around you.

    Nicky Cruz came to my hometown back in the 70's and my family went to see him but, between his accent and the poor acoustics of the auditorium, we could't understand a word he said. :D
  4. I know this is easier said than done but just be patient.

    The devil would love nothing more than for you to try to force God's hand.

    I speak from personal experience. Many times in my walk with God I have tried forcing His hand. Guess what? It doesn't work, and I always get myself in trouble. But, guess what else? God, in His faithfulness, somehow always gets me out of it! However, if I would have just waited on Him like He asked I would have saved myself much grief and embarassment.

    Again, I know this is easier said than done but just be patient. This may be one of those quiet seasons in your life that God just wants to love on you in private without the distractions of you doing anything.

    I will be praying for you.

    :pray: :pray: :pray:
  5. Thanks! :) You've helped greatly. I will be patient with Him, and I'm positive He'll show me something. :) Thanks for your prayers, truly means a lot.

    God bless you very much xx
  6. James 1:4 Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
    God Bless

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