Pure Love

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  1. Pure Love

    God is Love, Love Sublime.
    My God has loved me through all time.

    A love so deep, so wide, so true,
    I cannot fathom it. Can you?

    I search for Him, stumble, fall
    And just for me He gave His all.

    He gently beckons, come, each day.
    Things of this life, they call, I stray.

    Patiently He waits, . . . .with tears.
    I struggle on: He knows my fears.

    Lord lead me back to you I plead.
    To be with you, is all I need.

    Father, draw me to your side.
    There in you presence, I can hide.

    I feel your love, it's so secure.
    God is Love. His love is pure!

    (PS. I wrote this 27 years ago!)
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  2. Very Nice!!!
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  3. Romans_8,

    Many of us who spend a deep communion time with God can relate to your beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing, brother!
    God bless you and your family!
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    Thank you, Bob.

    BTW, I have written quite a few more poems, so if there is interest in them, I would be happy to post some more. :)
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  5. And it still applies. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem! :)
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  6. Thanks sandpiper
    Actually, I believe it applies MORE than ever, at least in my life.
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  7. Mine too! >o<
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