Psalm 51.

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  1. Psalm 51.

    O God, have your mercy on me,
    There has been a lot I did not know,
    For my sin is always before me,
    Wash away all my iniquity.

    Surely I've been a sinner from birth,
    How can I live on this earth,
    Cleanse me with hyssop, and I shall be clean,
    On you O Lord I will lean.

    O Lord, open my lips, I will give you praise,
    Take my hand and take me out of this maze,
    According to your unfailing love,
    One day I know you will call me above.
    ramon 14/7/07
  2. AMEN!!!!!!

  3. I don't see the humor in this. ??
  4. SweetSurrender there is no humor here, as it is all about what God can do FOR you
  5. When this was originally posted, it was posted under "Humor" Thanks to our wonderful Moderators watchful eyes, it has since been placed where it is suppose to be.

  6. God bless you Godbe4me I will get to read some of your posts very soon

    God bless you

    Psalm 37 : 7 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.....

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