Pruduct Information

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  1. Pruduct Information

    [SIZE=+1]"Product information" [/SIZE]

    On instructions for a hairdryer:
    Do not use while sleeping.

    On a bag of Fritos:
    You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details

    On a bar of Dial bath bar:
    Directions: Use like regular soap.

    On a frozen dinner package:
    Serving suggestion: Defrost.

    On a hotel-provided shower cap box:
    Fits one head.

    On Tesco's Tirimisu dessert:
    Do not turn upside down

    (Printed on the bottom of the box)

    On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding:

    Product will be hot after heating.

    On packaging from a Rowenta Iron.
    Do not iron clothes on body.

    On Boot's children's cough medicine:
    Do not drive car or operate machinery.

    On a bottle of Nytol (a sleeping aid):
    Warning: May cause drowsiness

    On a Korean kitchen knife:
    Warning: Keep out of children.

    On a string of Chinese-made Christmas lights:
    For indoor or outdoor use only.

    On a Japanese food processor:
    Not to be used for the other use.

    On Sainsbury's peanuts:
    Warning: Contains nuts.

    On an American Airlines package of nuts:
    Instructions: Open package, eat nuts.

    On a Swedish chainsaw:
    Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands.

  2. Perfect! Hilarious!

    True story: I got myself one of those itty-bitty trampolines that you can jog on. No bigger than a pizza pan. I got home and put it together.

    There was a warning sticker underneath: WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT SUMMERSAULTS!


    The thing was so tiny, summersaults didn't occur to me until I read the sticker, then I just wanted to try it! Hee hee hee
  3. On the scubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner- " Do not use for a body wash"!:eek:
  4. Bugspray - Do not spray on food.
  5. I have seen people spray bug spray on food. In fact most grain shipped by barge or train is fumigated.
  6. This one has nothing to do with warnings...but maybe it should. I don't know why this came to mind, but it's funny...

    Several years back, some lady in the Willamette Valley had a roach problem in her trailer. So what does she do? She went to the store and purchased a bunch of bug bombs. She set up a couple in each room, set them off, and then went outside and shut the door behind her.

    The trailer was air-tight. So the gases that were released caused the sides of the trailer to blow out!:eek:

    It's true...they had pics of it on the news, it was unusual.

    Warning on bug bombs: Do not set off more than 12 bombs in your air-tight trailer.:p
  7. ---------------- Listening to: Chris Rice - Everything's Okay via FoxyTunes---------------- Listening to: Chris Rice - Everything's Okay via FoxyTunes
    Yeah, Duran, but......there were no more roaches!!!!!


  8. I know a guy (he was no rocket scientist) who set off four of those things. He stepped out and then realized his keys where inside so he ran in to grab them. Instead of coming right out he decided to stay and stomp the roaches that were being driven out of hiding by the poison. He went outside and collapsed, his girlfriend called 911. Few more minutes in his condition and he would have been dead as his lungs closed up- but yeah the roaches were dead.

    The new label should include this-
    Caution do not use if you are an idiot.
  9. Exactly..... guess the guy lacked plain old common sense.:D:D:D

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