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  1. profile

    I can view my profile and other stuff, can edit everything but "My Profile!!! It's completly blank!:eek:
    BTW it's my birthday today too!:D
  2. Angel!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Bday.

    I see your profile just fine. None of it is blank on this end. Maybe it is your browser acting up?
  4. Editing your profile is something that catches most folk out. To get to it you have to scroll a l-o-n-g way to the right and down. Then suddenly there it is.
    Hows that for a Birthday present?
    Happy Birthday
  5. I would not have found mine without Ray's help either!:p
  6. but...if I want to change or add anything....I can't. It's JUST blank.:blink::crying_anim:
  7. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and then go all the way to the right side of the page- it should be there.
  8. Tanks!:heart: That's weird!:eek:
  9. It is a frames dimension issue in the software. Jeff is working on it with the software developers...

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