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Private messaging for trusted users only

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, May 3, 2007.

  1. Private messaging for trusted users only

    For the safety of the members here:

    I've set up a promotion in such a way that members get the private messaging feature only if they have at least 5 posts or a days membership whichever is later. This is to stop anyone from sending pms unless they are better recognized by the community.
  2. Just to explain it a bit better.

    Basic membership (<5 posts) does not allow private messaging.
    Upgraded membership (>5 posts) allows all the extra features (currently only private messaging).
  3. That's a good idea.
  4. I've gotten PMS from new members that have not posted at all. Mostly spam.
    I think it is a great idea
    Keep up the good work;)
    Sincerely cliff

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