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  1. Who are you leaning towards?
  2. Same dogs.... different collars... :D
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  3. Greetings;

    I going to put on a Hillary tee-shirt and vote ten times for Trump.Lawyers slice up wealth;businesspersons create wealth.
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  4. Trump cause that will be the most fun.
  5. Twump will Thwump Hillawy. Cwuz wont win
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  6. AAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I vote for Jesus. HE is the only 1 worth voting for
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  7. I know..but someone has to run the country.. I'm voting Bernie :)
  8. I doubt he will be running in the general.
  9. Why? If not I'm going for Hillary
  10. Could you tell me why?
  11. Glad I can't vote!! (y)
  12. As christians, I believe it is biblical to vote for Christian leaders. Seeing that there are none running, I'm probably not going to vote.

    All of them are evil men, so I'll let the world vote for them and simply keep on keeping on in the faith.
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  13. One of them is an evil woman.

    Consider this, a non vote is as good as a vote for the democrats. The democrats have the least respect for Christian values than anyone else. We should try to preserve what we can. You can't expect the candidates to be perfect as they couldn't be. This world is not perfect.

    Also consider this, do you want all the churches replaced with mosques?
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  14. I'm not expecting any candidate to be perfect, a practicing christian is all I ask for. And sure, if I don't vote, hilary might be elected, but it doesn't really make a difference in light of eternity. If all the churches become mosques, then so be it, I pray it only strengthens my walk with God.

    I have nothing against voting, america, or being involved in politics. But if we spent half the amount of time talking about politics as we do about God, I think we'd see a large revival in America.
  15. Because the rest are terrible, if trump is elected in moving to Canada.
  16. Why not Mexico? Everybody says they will move to Canada. What do you have against Mexicans?

    Oh and by the way, Hillary is as terrible as they come. Look up the facts.
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  17. Everyone says they're move if so-and-so is elected, but no one does, so why say such a thing? The only thing that IS happening right now, are those Americans already overseas are renouncing their citizenship because the US Government is forces foreign banks to report to the US Government all the funds they have in their banks or suffer sanctions. As a result, banks are rejecting US citizens from using their services. I know, because I got the notice from my bank when I lived in Brussels. Thanks Uncle Sam. For those that live overseas permanently, they are suffering because of Uncle Sam's reach. No matter who is the president, no one has all the power everyone seems to credit them, the power and lack thereof is Congress. The balances have broken down to uselessness and "We the people" have become apathetic and non-responsive except when paid by some PAC system. Watch what Soros is doing and he's trying to destroy the US dollar and thereby the country.
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  18. You don't like freedom and more jobs?
  19. No trump is pretty racist and he wants to deport Latinos..not cool at all

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