Praying: an emotional experience

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  1. Praying is not just the declaration of religious texts, for me it is also an emotional experience.

    I can't really describe it, it's like waves of love going through my entire body.

    And what's even more strange: these emotions vary according to circumstances. If I pray in group or inside a church, the 'effect' seems to be more intense.

    I wonder what militant atheists and skeptics have to say about this.
  2. Prayer can be an emotional experience for me, but it isn't always. Sometimes it causes absolutely no emotional response. Sometimes I have zero feelings in prayer. That said, it doesn't mean my prayer is null when I feel nothing. My devotion and time spent in prayer is still valid and real. When I have an emotional feeling from it, it is a cherry on top, but many times I don't, and that is OK. What's important to me is that God does hear my prayers.

    Most militant Atheists believe prayer that Christians do are as silly as Buddhists who think look toward their own inner-energy and souls for relief -- that it is all within the mind, and nowhere else.

    In playing devil's advocate, sometimes our minds can play tricks on us. Sometimes we might think we saw something or experienced something when we really didn't at all. However, this argument can be made for the existence of God as well since Atheists often argue that only the material can be there, but atheists also see mirages or go through times of their minds playing games on them...or even the mind itself. The mind is immaterial, and they know the mind is separate from the brain, but they accept the existence of the mind.
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  3. Often prayer is the time where things are set right for me.. With God.. I might be praying about something casually.. When I truly focus on Jesus and bow down, I can feel the Lord ministering to my soul.. Sometimes he will bring memory verses to me pertaining to that topic.. Some times just would set my thoughts straight.. Rarely it is an emotional experience for me.. The times which have been emotional were the ones when I was going through something personally like a roller coaster..
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  4. I'm supposed to be an intercessor...

    And I don't experience any of this
    : /

    But its wonderful that you do c:
    Praying/ having a relationship with God is supposed to be amazing c=
  5. Praying helps me not getting discouraged when things seem to go wrong.

    Praying helps me remember that I can rely on God with anything that happens in my life or in the lives of people I love.

    My emotional life in relationship to prayer depends on the specific issues I am dealing with.

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