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  1. This is a thread about a brand new website called
    Prayter - microblogging for prayers, friends and family. Each Prayter is 140 characters in length, that's enough to share your thoughts, Bible verses, prayer needs, praises and encouragement with people you trust and know. Be part of the home, church praying groups and support each other on daily basis. Prayter is the simple way to pray with/for people you care about.

    Website available on 5 languages, more coming soon. We want people to pray and communicate on own languages.

    Here at this thread we would like to update you about website news, new features, innovations and more. You are welcome to write your feedback and suggestion.

    God bless!

    thank you
  2. I checked out the site a bit. So far it looks like a cool tool if you can't get out of the house :)
  3. Thanks for sharing this. I've joined and will put the buttons on our web sites.


  4. Dear Lynn, thank you a lot for your attention and support. We are a brand new non commercial christian website. If you need any assistance let us know.

    Prayter team
  5. here is a power point presentation about prayter website.

    There are some testimonies about what people say about prayter

    Prayter is the website for all denominations of Christians. We took the Apostles' creed as the basis of faith confession.

    Thank you
  6. I'll be posting your link the the new pages I just created! :)
  7. May the LORD bless the website abundantly, and moreover, may HE reap a rich harvest of souls, praises, and glory! Amen

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