Pray, Pray, Pray

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  1. Prior to the Lord giving me this song on prayer, he gave me three songs in a row on the subject of love, mainly on loving other people. Whenever I study the scriptures on the subject of loving others in the Bible I am reminded of how much I still need to learn and practice in this area of loving others as Christ loves me and showed his love by giving himself for me. The second most convicting subject for me is this subject of prayer. My prayer life can always stand improvement, especially in the area of praying for others’ needs and requests. So, as I share this with you, I also sing it to myself and pray God will continue to teach me to love as he loves and to pray for others’ needs and requests.

    Pray, Pray, Pray / An Original Work / September 6, 2012

    Based off Various Scriptures

    Pray that eyes may enlightened be,
    So they may know Christ.
    Pray that they may Him better know,
    Strengthened by His pow’r.
    Pray that they may grasp
    How wide and long
    And high and deep
    Is Christ’s love.
    Pray that they may be filled
    To the fullness of God’s love.
    Pray with thanksgiving.

    Pray for an open door for me,
    So I may share Christ.
    Pray when the gospel is proclaimed –
    Shared with clarity.
    Pray words are given me so
    I declare the gospel fearlessly.
    I pray for you to be active
    Sharing your faith, too.
    Pray continually.

    We oft not know for what to pray,
    So we ask for help.
    The Spirit intercedes for us –
    Words cannot express.
    Just keep on praying for the saints
    With all kinds of requests to God.
    Pray they may have faith to
    Please their God in ev’ry way.
    Pray with joyfulness.

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