Pranked By The Devil?

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  1. Is it possible for the Devil to overhear one of your pleas to God and prank you? I suspect that this is what happened to me. It seemed like a prayer answered sarcastically or maliciously.
  2. Why not? He's not deaf.
  3. Where did you make your plea?

    Evil spirits are nowhere near a Christians house and the devil is not omnipresent. But I suppose at your workplace or anywhere in public, demons will hear it and in turn relay it to the devil...but I highly doubt he will be interested in some 'petty?' prank, he has his plate full with prepping the anti-christ...I...think...:cool:
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  4. I'm sure he can hear any plea spoken out loud. I doubt he can read minds. But even if he can, you are entrusting your prayer and the issues about which you pray to God. I don't know how much freedom Satan is allowed in his attacks on us, but certainly he has no more freedom than God allows. Ultimately, God holds all the cards and we can confidently bring our concerns to Him.

    Would you be interested in sharing what specifically has happened? I'm curious, but if it's something you'd rather not share, I don't want to pry.
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  5. About a year ago, I prayed that God would bring a woman into my life. Someone like me, with similar challenges. Although we really did love each other, the relationship was painfully dysfunctional and ended after 10 months when Susan died in hospital due to having attempted suicide. (She was schizophrenic and improperly medicated). She awoke once out of her medically induced coma and I visited her at the hospital. Susan had had a tracheotomy performed on her to save her life. She'd swallowed all of her pills and had aspirated vomit into her lungs, which contributed to her death.

    Why would God send me someone only for this to happen? I don't understand the lesson here, if indeed there is one.
  6. The first question is, did He in fact send this woman as the answer to your prayer? I suppose it's possible that Satan, being aware of your prayers, decided to throw a monkey wrench into the works because that's just the kind of guy he is. Or, perhaps, this was indeed God's answer, or the beginning of an answer, to work something into your heart and mind that ultimately makes you more in tune with Kingdom values. Perhaps this episode was only a step along the way to the woman God would send your way.

    Many possibilities, but I can tell you this: the love you extended and every sincere effort you made to build a Godly relationship in this case was not wasted. Those, painful though they may have been, were good works that find approval with God. It is likely that only time will give you insight into exactly what you have gained through this experience. And, of course, you naturally tend to focus on how this impacted your life. I wonder what God was doing in her life through this experience. You may very well (and I personally would say, most likely) have been the instrument through which God was working good things into her life, difficult as that may be to see right now.
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  7. If I may add my thoughts here Theo, You did share a love with this lady that you would otherwise not have had. Likewise she.
    You say that she was schizophrenic. That is a medical condition and not demonic. What I'm trying to point out is that due to her ailment and lack of effective medication, what happened would have happened anyway. But you, you shared some love with her that she would not have had otherwise.
    Still, my heart aches for your grief and pain. Thanks for sharing this tragedy with us.......we do all care about you.
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  8. Thanks everybody for the concern and fellowship.

    I've had awhile to think about this and I don't genuinely think it was the work of that merry old prankster, Satan. I trust God. I trust Him even though some would rage at me for doing so. Despite the despair and the disappointment, I am thankful for having had that opportunity to love her the way I did. I was a bright spot in what was otherwise a pretty miserable existence. The love we shared (which was genuine) made it all worthwhile. The Bible is replete with stories of people who asked God for something and then got something other than what they expected or would have liked.

    For a while I was very afraid for Susan's soul because my Catholic background whispered to me that all suicides go straight to Hell. I prayed with all my might for Susan to be given a seat at the wedding feast in Heaven because I knew I couldn't be sure where she stood with Jesus. After she miraculously awoke from that coma with all mental faculties intact, she told me about having a brief Near Death Experience during which she looked down at her body from the ceiling while the medical people were working desperately to save her life. She told me about seeing her long-deceased mother in the room with her.

    I've surrendered everything to God.
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  9. Well... Gods grace has to fill in the blanks with this poor girl.
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  10. Oh Theo Fane, I am so sorry for you. I know that doesn't help one bit! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. You were brought into Susan's life for the sake of HER, not you - at this point in time. Hang in there. You seem like a good person and good things will come.
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  11. Its all about love and nothing else.
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  12. Thanks, Kitty! :)

    I think I'll have many, many years to contemplate what happened to me in the summer of 2011. I may never get the answers I'm looking for until my life is over. And once my life is over, there's no guarantee I can lean on that says I'll see her again in the Kingdom of Heaven. I don't even have the certainty that there is a Kingdom of Heaven or a God who sits enthroned in the middle of it all. Is it possible that there are levels of Heaven, innmermost layers of Heaven for those who were closest to God in life? The first shall be last, and the last shall be first! Susan was definitely one of the last. :(

    Sometimes it like the Holy Spirit is telling me what to write .... :cool:
  13. If your a mormon there is. But no, we will all be with God or we we wont.
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  14. Susan was no girl. She was eleven years older than I am.
  15. That does not detract away from how sad it is.
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  16. I don't know about that. The age difference just added to how awkward the whole thing was.

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