Praise our greatest weapon

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  1. The Lord has been teaching us about staying in a place of joy and peace. As I have heard from two preachers, that worship and praise is what ushers in our breakthrough, because it shows God that we totally trust Him, and believe that He is able and trustworthy, and is not lying.

    Some days it seems difficult to stay in an attitude of thankfulness and praise, especially when things don't "look" or appear to be changing. But our faith is what pulls the final outcome into place.

    Think about the woman with the issue of blood.... she received her healing because she believed that if she just could touch the hem of Jesus garment she would receive. Her faith made a reverant demand upon the desired outcome.....she had an expectancy/hope/belief on what Jesus said and did for others could be hers if she went after it, (if she put an action to her faith), and knowing the promises and ability of God... she humbly accepted the need of His help and power to receive what she knew as a daughter of Abraham belonged to her, because of the blood covenant between God and Abraham.

    Had she sat in her house, afraid of getting caught, and waiting for Jesus, she would have never got ministered to by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

    For us... the action of praise and worship in the midst of the trial or waiting... is what we need to accompany and put proof of our belief and total trust in God to manifest what we are believing for.

    We believe we have already received (mark 11:23-25) the promise of God. Knowing He hears us because we are praying in line with His Word (and not just Bible Word, but ones that He speaks to us personally, that lines up with His promises already) And it causes us to rejoice because we know that with patience what we have believed for will manifest.

    So faith rejoices, gives thanks, and is glad.... while doubt is frustrated, complains, and is sad (quote given to Pastor Keith Moore)

    God Bless you all with an abundance of grace and peace!
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  2. So wisely spoken, cturtle, we praise God while we wait; we praise God while we hope; but, most of all, we praise God while we trust. :love:
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  3. We Praise God when we don't understand or know why.
    We Praise God when things are at their worst.
    The Joy of Thee Lord is our strength.

    That's why our enemy the devil never stops working and pushing and applying pressure to steel, kill and destroy Any Joy You Have in the Lord or trying to mustar up.
    Just adding too
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  4. Hi FC Jim, I have to confess for many, many years I didn't understand circumstances or know why they just popped up daily, and especially when things were at their worst. I use to blame these battles on God but it only made me feel worse. Then I took it to bed and would think about it over and over and lose sleep.

    Its taken me a lifetime to learn that I wasn't praising God first, despite storms or success. So I began to add praise to God in my good morning and good night prayers. Even when I didn't feel like praising God. I felt God was understanding me and my spirit interceding on my behalf. In time I noticed that God was inhabiting my heart to praise Him and began to feel better because I was filled with peace, and calm, and could go to sleep. Then the circumstances, the whys and things went from worst to everything working out for His glory.

    This confession has been a lifetime for me but as I'm getting older I truly feel my faith has grown, but I also notice the battles seem to become more intense. As my faith grows, and as you said, Satan is working harder.

    My biggest challenges are the people business in my role of ministry. Years ago I could shrug problems off but now the same problems today "linger" and takes time to melt off me.

    At the end of the day, I love what I do and I thank God. But is this about me? Is there possibly a crossroads in the ministry I serve? Is there something else He wants me to do?

    I'm asking for prayer in my circumstance and if anyone can relate to what I'm sharing I'd appreciate your thoughts.

    God bless you all and thank you.

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  5. Father, thank You for bobinfaith! Thank You that He is Your sheep and He knows Your voice. We lift him and his wonderful wife up to You and ask that You bless them with wisdom according to James 1:5-6, to know if there is something else You have for them to do, or if they just continue to grow in Your Word and take their church family with them.

    Thank You for speaking to their hearts, and for leading and guiding their steps. Showing them what is You and what is not. Showing him if he needs to add another private praise time, with singing and dancing, or to just keep casting down those thoughts of the things that seem to be getting harder to shrug off, and keep moving forward in His fighting the good fight of faith.

    Renew his heart and strength for keeping his shield up, and all the other pieces of Your armour on and for immersing himself in Your Word and the teaching of Your Word. Refresh him and bless him. In Jesus name. Amen
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  6. Greetings Sir,
    First of all, of course we will be praying for you. That's a given.

    I wanted to share something with what I quoted above.
    I do get it because time after time I find my self in that situation .

    The answer is always the same.
    I am carrying them on my own and trying to come up with an answer in my own strength.

    Proverbs 16:3 amp

    Roll your works (cares) upon the Lord (commit and trust them wholly to Him ; He will cause your (my) Thoughts to become agreeable to His will ) So then shall your (my) plans be Established ( understood directions) and Succeed ( make the correct choice or action )

    I will Roll my works (cares) unto the Lord
    I will commit and trust them totally to Him And He will cause my thoughts to become agreeable to His Will
    So then shall my plans be Established as understood directions and then Shall my plans or Correct Choices Succeed.
    Proverbs 16:3

    The key is Remembering Philippians 4:19
    But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
    (You Need Answers or Direction)

    James 1:5
    If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

    I was shown that if we Truly Believe these things then we would roll it over on to Him and Rejoice with Thanksgiving and Not pick it back up again.

    Side Note....when we are wrestling with things then we are not in True Faith and in truth, we are giving the enemy a right in that he never should have had.

    Just wanted to share this.
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  7. I also join my faith with this glory to God!
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  8. I found another verse that goes along with prov. 16:3....

    Commit your way to the Lord [roll and repose (lay to rest) each care of your load on Him]; trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) also in Him and He will bring it to pass.
    Psalm 37:5 AMPC
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  9. I have been blessed with the spiritual gift of faith. When I first became aware of this gift I wondered what worth it would be to others. I often wished that I had been given the gift of healing or evangelism, but instead I had this nebulous gift of faith. As I've grown more mature in my walk with the Lord, it has become apparent to me how powerful this gift really is. It allows me to trust the Lord implicitly and to turn to the Lord in all circumstances. But even more valuable, is that I have found when others around me are faltering, my faith is able to reignite their trust in the Lord and help buoy them up. Faith is something that makes my belief and trust in God the rock upon which all else is built, including my praise. Faith is that from which we praise the Lord in thanks for answering our prayers before He has even begun to act. Faith allows us to know that God will hear our prayers. It is faith that moves mountains. So yes, worship and praise show the Lord that He is our God upon whom we place all our hopes and trust, and by faith we unquestioningly place that trust at His feet and find peace in the absolute knowledge that He will hear us and embrace us in His love.
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  10. bobinfaith, I am praising God for and praying for you. Sounds like you have grown even more sensitive over the years to the needs of others and have grown more and more in the love and compassion of Jesus in dealing with them. Jesus did even weep for some and surely he wept over Jerusalem.

    But you also have much to do and promises to keep. So I can understand.

    I agree with others here who use helpful scripture words to encourage you to "give it over" to Christ. And I think that is what you are doing each and every day or time you give praises to God either privately or with your congregation or family. But I am adding a prayer for you and some scriptures below:

    " Lord, give your servant, bobinfaith, a renewal in faith and trust in your word. Truly take his burdens upon yourself as you have promised to do.."

    "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matt: 11:28 (NIV)

    "...My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest" (Exod. 33:14) (KJV)
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  11. awesome post

    very uplifting

    thank you so much for this God-breathed post
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  12. i'm not sure if my situation is different than yours or not, but i can relate for sure

    recently i got discouraged by some people problems that were dragging on for too long

    i couldn't seem to get any resolution no matter how much i prayed, how hard i tried, or what new things i tried

    i called a Godly old woman and she gave this word from Matthew 5:44 (love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you) and Luke 6:28 (bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.)

    as much as i wanted to do it, i couldn't do it

    my heart was too wounded, so i asked her and others to pray for me because i wanted the results i knew would come from obeying God's words, but some part of me could not genuinely do it

    long story shortened - God gave me the ability to genuinely love and pray for the people and things turned around

    the thing is, the long term brick wall caused me to think i couldn't continue in the company of those people, yet every time i asked God what to do, He said stay.

    if i would have left the company of those people as my heart wanted to, i would have missed the breakthrough in power/faith/victory i learned from getting God's help to love and pray for these people

    it was getting to be seriously unbearable just before i got my breakthrough

    your situation might be totally different than mine, so i am praying for you to have God's wisdom and every breakthrough/Divine intervention you need, to ensure you know and do exactly what God says to you in this situation, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. and for the hearts of all people involved to be touched/changed/ministered to by the Holy Spirit of grace/truth/holiness

    God Bless you my dear friend
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  13. God bless you all. Your posts deeply humbles me. A reminder the Lord gave all of you to share hits home with all of us! There is still unfinished work ahead, but the main ingredient is to continue loving others unconditionally, and I will remember all of you later this week.

    Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ.
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  14. i feel the same way my dear friend

    the Godly wisdom here is such a blessing

    i too am humbled and ministered to by what i read

    including the wonderful testimonies of God's goodness/truth/wisdom in your posts

    God bless you
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