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  1. I have tried to get involved in church stuff, but it just seems that people retract from me, then I end up not going to church at all. I don't go to church and I don't want to even try because the same thing will happen. I was rejected by my family and then church families.

    I've thought about me being protected, idk, I always seem to think it's the other way around.
  2. Is forgiveness a choice or is it an act of God?

    It seems in some cases it would have to be an act of God, like in my case.
  3. I see what you're saying about the water boiling and exploding. Thanks, that is a good analogy.

    It's difficult not to let things weight me down when it's my parents that have gotten rid of me, I know I'm 18 and an adult, many my age are on their own, it's just that they don't want me and it has nothing to do with my behavior - it's not at all. I have never gotten into trouble - well, ok, with my anger maybe at school - but I stayed out of trouble because it would have been worse. I moved away and my dad couldn't control me, even though he did what he did, he's still my dad, my mom is still my mom and neither want me.

    I know this is wrong thinking but I don't care if my dad gets saved or not, I can't seem to pray for him at all, I don't want to.
  4. It's actually aa commandment of God BUT it is our CHOICE..... :whistle:
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  5. It's difficult sometimes! When we have insecurities or damaged thinking (from being hurt), the devil knows, because of our body language, and because of the things that we say at different times. And he can cause things to appear as if people are not coming around, when truth is that they are usually so busy with their own stuff, that it has nothing to do with us. It's just what we perceive.

    I have a tendency to be timid when around people (hence the nickname turtle), and because i am not bold and out there like others, i tend to get overlooked so to speak. But i have come to know that it is me and not others. I guess growing up the way that i did, i don't feel as if i measure up. I know that you are afraid of being rejected, i guess that is me sometimes too (maybe more than i realize sometimes), but the reason for going to church is to get the Word, and be taught, and to fellowship. Maybe for awhile, it would be good to plug into the Word via live streaming, or you tube, or mp3's, or dvd's. You get fellowship here, if you have the time. But it really is important to get your mind and heart rooted and grounded in right thinking according to the Bible. So stay in the Word no matter what. Have God direct you in who (pastor) to listen to. And give yourself time to heal.

    Something else i want to say too is that forgiveness in not as easy when the hurt is deep. Shoot in my case i used to hold onto things that were not deep, probably due to the deep wounds from the past, but i am learning to get better, and quicker. Now i just have to work on the feeling part, and the acting part.

    Blessing to you!
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    Indeed! Sometimes it must be an act of God! As Paul says, in my flesh dwells no good thing. There have been times in my life where all I wanted to do was hurt the person or see them suffer somehow. All I could do was pray and beg the Lord to let me learn to see them as He does. As I said to pity them because they have no idea what they really are doing or the consequence to their own deeper eternal reality.

    The pain of rejection and abandonment by people who were supposed to be the ones who love us and care for us is devastating. When U look at Jesus I realize He came KNOWING this was His purpose. He was rejected and abandoned unto death on the cross. I cannot imagine that.

    Having known how abandonment issues effect people let me warn you of one effect. Deep inside there is a thought about self that we are unlovable or not worthy of being loved and accepted, and then without realizing it, whenever people come into our lives that really care or really are trying to be our friends we somehow project onto them (unconsciously sometimes) the emotion associated with our abuser and act out in ways that drives them away. This is called "self-fulfilling prophecy" in psychology which means we do things that reinforces what we believe about ourselves. The sad thing is that does not have to be. We can accept and practice love (the action word - 1 Cor. 13 - not thew "feeling") from and toward others and by practice learn to trust again. All future relationships with others are to a degree a gamble, most worth taking, but be assured your relationship with God through Christ is unlike any other....He will NEVER leave you or FORSAKE you....I realize such a love is incomprehensible to you at this time but it is true.

    In such cases such as yours it IS only by the Spirit in you that you can do it. May the Lord be with you, lead you and guide you.

    In His love

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  7. God has already forgive all men everywhere, they just have to accept it. We must forgive others, no exception, and surrender them to God as one of God's chosen. It's a choice.
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  8. I completely understand. When you come to the point of praying for him, then you will have surrendered his actions to God and you forgiven him and you can move on. Listen, a lot of people don't want things because they remind them of something else they really dislike. Our love is cheap. A lot of times we don't really like someone because they remind us of ourselves and because most people don't like themselves, dislike those people. I can't imagine what your parents' experiences are, or why they're acting the way they are, but you need not worry about them any more. Ask the Lord to help you become independent both of them and their actions against you and be free in Christ. If you trust Him, God will help you, I promise you.
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  9. I want to thank everyone for all your support and prayers. I haven't updated in awhile because I knew that my next step was to rid some sin from my life and I did. Things started happening pretty fast, I have a new place to live that is substantially less expensive than where I was living. For those of you who don't know, I am a college student, scholarships are paying for it. but I do work to pay for living expenses. My family does not support me in any way, my parents and I don't talk.
    Because of how dysfunctional my family was, I have never been on a vacation before, but with the new place I am staying, they are taking me with them over spring break!
    God really does transform lives!
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  10. With God, there's no finish line, there will always be more and more!

    (@Juk, how's that for a one liner? ;) )
  11. It amazes me that some people hear things like your story and still not believe.
  12. Thanks brother. It takes a willing heart to hear the good news :) At work, my signature on my email is:

    "It is impossible for anyone to learn that which he thinks he already knows."
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  13. That's a great saying! :)
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  14. God surely is awesome! And i am so thankful for all of the good things that are coming your way! Very proud of you too! You are doing great! And God is very proud of you! :cool: Keep up the good work!!
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