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  1. A lot of heavy debates on the forum. I thought we could have a thread where we just give praise to The Lord. Feel free to say anything nice about God/ to God here.

    Praise your name God. Thank you for another day!
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  2. My daughter has been on my mind lately: she hasn't been feeling super well, but she is always cheerful, a wonderful wife and mother, and she loves the L-rd. But praise G-d she has been cancer-free for six years.

    I thank G-d for my son, who loves the L-rd and is a wonderful husband and father. I pray that he keeps his head together and continues to grow in the L-rd and in love for his family.

    I rarely get to see my first husband's mother (she lives in another state), but I praise G-d for her life. Although she now has Alzheimer's, everyone who goes to see her still walks away impressed by her sweetness. That's just the way she is. She loves the L-rd.

    And I praise G-d for the families I married into and for my husband's father, who is 91, strong, healthy, and loves the L-rd.
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  3. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to several things over the weekend. I praise God for always being in my life and never giving up on me,
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  4. I praise and thank God for His second, third and fourth chances. I thank Him for saving my marriage. I thank you God for giving us the ability to reach out to others on Christian sites like this and meet with other Christians that we would have never gotten to know.
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  5. Praising God today for the fact that He uses even our struggles to help someone else. Nothing is wasted by Him! He uses our frailties and turns what we have had remorse about into strengths. God, you are AWESOME!
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  6. Thank you Father as always for the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation, counsel, might, faith and understanding, and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord and of all manner of workmanship!!!
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  7. I praise the Lord for shutting doors.. I did not know if that was the best thing to do.. So I prayed to Lord that he would do something to stop it moving along if this is not what He has for me.. He shut the doors down within 24 hours! Praise the Lord for His guidance :)
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  8. What a great and godly posts freinds, God bless you. I'll go for thanking the Lord for healing my wee girl through a CFS member last week, thank him for my godly and gentle wife who always there for me and for my Christian brothers and sisters both local and on the net, I'd be lost without them....
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  9. I thank God for every day, and for giving me such a wonderful family.
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  10. Thank you God that my tire did not blow up today!
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  11. I thank God for being good and patient with us even when we are not so good or patient.
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  12. Thank God for hismanysongs who got rid of all 4 of my negative ratings!
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  13. I think that is called "mercy"
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  14. Amen to mercy!
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  15. I am grateful to God that things are going better for me and my family. And in that way we can in turn be of service to others.

    I am also grateful that I found this forum. The peace of Christ blankets this place. Even when there are threads that inspire us to passions of different sorts, it is still evident that we are all in Christ. And as scripture tells us, where two or three are gathered in Jesus' name he is with them.

    So I say, fear not.

    For Christ is here with us.

    And everywhere we go as he resides in us as that Holy Spirit that insures we are never alone. We may weaken at the knees in the face of adversity, or fear we'll not make it this time when we face whatever seems to come back around to challenge our resolve to survive. We may think all this is all there is in that moment, but in the time frame that God operates on, our seeming life challenge that appears to last a lifetime is but a flash of light and then it's over. And what did we learn? Were we a blessing while we were here? What is the legacy we breathe to life for every day God gives us to live?

    We each and every one have a chance in every moment to be a blessing to someone. And they to us.

    Praise God.

    This world is full of so many angels ^j^ that far outweigh those seeming demons that bring the darkness. And then only because they have not yet opened to the light.

    Be the blessing.

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  16. Thank God for enduring the cross. We would all be lost without God and no hope.
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  17. Amen to that!
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  18. I praise God for my daughter.. And the wisdom He has given her at this young age.. She is not even 3.. I am having stomach trouble today.. Morning I was in quite a bit of pain.. So she was asking what happened daddy.. When I told her.. She immediately prayed to Jesus.. It was a small and precise prayer.. I am sure heaven rejoiced and Jesus was closely watching, hearing her and glad on what she said.. After that she was telling she has so many prayer requests to pray for!! Already having burden of prayer.. Praise the Lord!! (y)
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  19. I thank God for making someone as wonderful and lovely and strong as my mom..someone who loves me, even though I don't have friends, a job ATM, not doing well in school..

    Or whatever else it takes to make someone loveable/likeable.....

    She loves me anyway , despite my faults/weaknesses.
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  20. Aww Ravindran that's beautiful. What a sweet girl. :)
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