Post Your Favourite Slow Cooker Recipes

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  1. Anyone else got amazing slow cooker recipes?

  2. That sounds like a crock to me hehehehe. mmm hhhhmm I recon LOL
  3. Want a picture?! I can prove that we use it!
  4. No pic. We talkin crock pots , so I said that sounds like a crock to me hehehehe. Not bout bs LOL
  5. I'm making your recipe now Chili. Changed it a bit as per some of the comments on the page, like adding cumin was kind of necessary.
  6. When a body meet a body,
    Cumin through the rye...
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  7. Or maybe a little PDQ Bach:
    [1] Oratorio - The Seasonings”, S. 1 1/2 tsp. (P.D.Q. Bach)
    Chorus: “Tarragon of virtue is full”
    Recitative: “And there were in the same country”
    Duet: “Bide thy thyme”
    Recitative: “Then asked he”
    Chorale: “By the leeks of Babylon, There we sat down, yea, we wept”
    Aria: “Open sesame seeds”
    Recitative: “So saying”
    Duet: “Summer is a cumin seed”
    Chorus with Soloists: “To curry favor, favor curry”
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