Polly Ask If She Can Come Back?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Mitspa, May 14, 2014.

  1. here is a message she sent me-

    "Can you tell HisManySongs to unban me? Because I changed my mind and I don't idolize Snape anymore or anyone or anything and I have changed my manners and beliefs into Christian ones, etc."

    You gota feel a little compassion for her, she is really kinda sweet...:)
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  2. She is for sure coming to. She still has a lot of growing to do and a lot to learn (like me). I think we should really start a NT bible study thread with her. She still has a ton of questions concerning the Lord and scripture and what better place to be for that (aside from in scripture itself and prayer) than here? :)
  3. I agree. I invited her to a bible study on facebook where we have been talking to her. You are welcome to join in Brian. I think if she gets bombarded with a ton of people she might freak out a bit lol
  4. Yeah, sorry about that, I posted that here before I saw that you were doing that on facebook. I totally agree that it should be one or the other. Regardless, I'm in for the facebook one!
  5. Yeah wherever the Holy Spirit leads it to be. If it is here ill still do one on facebook.

    Polly has grown, she is really confused on scripture and what she has to give up vs what we should give up as Christians.
  6. I have lifted the ban.
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  7. Cool thanks..she will be very happy...(y)
  8. i don't know polly, but like i told my daughter when she was in her teens, and would be humiliated when committing a 'faux pas'. "sorry girlfriend, you can't skip the stupid part." i'm sixty now, and this bit of counsel continues to help me. we'll never fully 'get there.' (guess that's why we need Jesus so much. He's so kind about accommodating our 'works in progress.'
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  9. I love mercy!

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  10. Get ready for the interesting threads!
  11. Welcome back Polly....Looking forward to reading some of your posts...
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