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  1. The Bible is full of poetry, and poems are cool. Do you like poems? Do you write poems? What are some of your favorite?
    I think that the King James Bible is a huge book of poetry.
  2. Yes. Psalms are my favourite, as is song of solomon. Also revelation song is great. And mary's song.
    I do write poems, but am shy to share them.
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  3. I like poems. A couple of of my favourite are 2 famous ones by William Blake called: "The Tyger" and "The Lamb".

    I have written a few poems in the past. Haven't written anything in many years though.
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  4. I have several reallyt good ones I wrote as God gave me the words some years back but they are in my old hard drive in a box with out a computer to get to them........Ugggggggg
  5. Aw man, I want to hear them
  6. I'll share some of mine if that will help you to open up.
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  7. Here is a poem I wrote yesterday, called "Ode to God":

    From hither to thither
    And times long past,
    Thou hast a love which forever lasts.
    Therefore my praise cannot I withhold.
    Thou art Almighty, my God of old!

    I am going to make many Odes to God. I already made the second one but it might need some revision.
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  8. I love it Juk! Keep writing to the glory of God.
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  9. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. This might become my new hobby.
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  10. Do it up Juk! I think it would be an awesome hobby.
  11. @Juk ... do you like Haikus?
  12. Yes. I especially like how they convey a nature scene.
  13. What I like best about them is how concise they are. How you are forced to express your point in such a short structured way. I like the challenge and feeling of accomplishment when you can get your point across they way you want.
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  14. I agree.
  15. You and me both Juk. I have tried to remember them but even when i get close I know they are not right...Some way and some how I will get them
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  16. That's beautiful! You have talent
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  17. when i first saw that on your signature...i had a feeling that you wrote it and i really enjoyed it and thought it was really good.
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  18. Thanks! :)
  19. Thank you! That is something I have not heard in such a long time.
  20. I will pray that you succeed

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