Please Pray For The Philippines

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  1. Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    After the Philippines suffer from 7.2 magnitude earthquake, right now at this moment we are facing supertyphoon. We need your prayers. GODBLESS PHILIPPINES. Lord, help us.
  2. I've had the Philippines in prayer since yesterday. I have cousins who are missionaries in Julita, Leyte which was directly in the path, almost a straight shot from Dulag on the east coast to Ormoc City on the west.
  3. leyte doesn't have any power or signal at this time. Thank you sir.
  4. Oh yes, definitely.
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  5. I will pray for those effected.
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  6. Godbless you Guys. Take care.
  7. I just wanted to bump this thread up because this is weighing heavy on my heart.
  8. Almighty Creator, Lord God YHWH, The Great I Am, please hear the supplication of a man that sadly falls short of righteousness, I beseech Your loving ear, and ask that out of this trying time, for those effected by this storm, it would bring to fruition, Glory towards Your purpose. Please shower comfort and provision to those in need, and may they know that it came from You. Amen.
  9. I will also stand in prayer
  10. LORD be merciful to we sinners; send the comforter Oh Lord....

    So often we in the west become detached to those souls in the east; God help us.

    I am at a loss for words. God be with the survivors in the Philippines.
  11. Still keeping the people of Philippines and the country in prayer!! Lord you do hear our cries..
  12. Definitely will be kept in prayer.
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