Please give testimony to personal incidents of Spiritual gifts in your life

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  1. Has anyone ever prayed for the sick and they recovered (and I do not mean instantly but these are fine also), or had a manifestation of a word of wisdom that though not you intent or plan was exactly what the recipient needed (and it was effectual in their life) or a word of knowledge that you could not know about a person you were witnessing to or other such things....

    brother Paul
  2. One of my sisters was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer several years ago, which is almost always a death sentence. But though she did have surgery and chemo, it is nothing short of a miracle that she is alive, especially since she is also a Type I diabetic. But shortly after the shock of hearing about her illness, I was reassured that she would be fine, against all odds. This is due to a dream given to my husband years before. His father and niece, as well as my father, had all died within a few years of each other, but one night he was told that his mother would die, and that would be it. We didn't know she was even sick at the time. Sure enough, she died within a year, so we knew this was a message from God. So when we found out about my sister, we held on tight to that hope, and she is still cancer-free to this day.

    There have been other incidences over the years where I had what I'd call a "knowing" about someone. For example, one of the sons of friends of ours stopped by one day and I had this feeling of dread or death, even though nothing about his appearance or speech gave any reason for it. Months later I learned that he had become a bitter atheist, in spite of growing up in a Christian home. This is something I could not have known, and didn't want to be true.
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  3. Yes that happens all the time..but a lot of the time we arent aware of it as praying all the time anyway and speaking words of wisdom from the Bible eg scripture comes to mind thats relevant to that person even though you may not know them that well.
  4. On one occasion my wife was in the basement of the church she attended just as service was starting upstairs...she walked into the kids room and there was a woman there with head in hands....when asked if she was okay she said she was in a relationship but it somehow made her feel wrong on unclean...and my wife (Salome) told me she did not mean to be intrusive but the words "if they love you they will love you enough not to touch you at this time"...she says she has no idea where it was coming from within, but the woman wept and she prayed for her and then left her to herself and the Lord.

    Two years later while in a MacDonalds (now thats probably a sin right!) this bright and well kept woman walks up to her and says, "Hey remember me?" Sadly she did not and looked at her curiously. The woman said "I was that woman in the basement of St. Peters and I want to tell you that word of advice you spoke to me changed my life and I wanted to thank you!" Apparently, the woman after being divorced by a drunken non-believing husband had been comforted and eventually enticed by a lesbian woman into having a relationship with her that obviously led to holding, fondling, etc., (you know where it went from there). After her and Sally's encounter she asked her comforter to just let up and let her think and pray and the woman eventually became very angry and manipulative which drove her back into the arms of Jesus. And now she had met a loving caring Christian man, she finished school, and they were to be married.

    Just one of mine to God be the glory!

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  5. I have nothing to contribute it is nice to see others though.
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    Really? Haven't you ever felt compelled to lay hands on a loved one who was sick and you prayed in true concern only to see that person healed? Maybe one of your children? Or felt moved by an unprecedented compassion to give something to someone in need you would not normally be moved to do? Perhaps at the urging of a voice within...maybe something that would have been of value to you but their need moved you? Never prayed and had a somewhat sudden unanticipated turn around in a relationship problem or a financial situation? Or maybe do you really think that was just who you are or mere coincidence (is this last question itself perhaps a word of knowledge)?

    I think you do have some things to contribute only maybe you did not see God in it. From now on really look...something odd that works out happening once or twice? Okay I can see that as coincidence, but these types of things have happened so many times just in my life (let alone in the lives of so many) that coincidence (random outcome among probabilities) is definitely out of the question.
  7. I cannot say that I have, no.
  8. I definitely have never healed anyone as if I did my wife would no longer have multiple sclerosis.
  9. Same issue with my sister. Why she is healed of cancer but not diabetes, only God knows. All he has told us is that no one among our relatives will die before Jesus returns. And my mom is almost 87 (don't tell her I said that).
  10. You never could heal anyone...whether or not God does is His prerogative for His purpose. Maybe her MS has brought many to prayer and faith? That in itself would be a precious gift (for her and them).
  11. I answered the question as asked. I know it would not be me doing the healing, but God through me.

    The answer remains no. The answer would be no for my wife as well.

    We don't get out much because of her multiple sclerosis and a lack of funds to go anywhere. Generally, we go to doctor's appointments and church.
    If we go anywhere, other than the two places above, usually it is free community events where the crowds are so large that we get lost in the crowd so to speak. Grocery store trips are in and out are as fast as we can because we do have children.

    I have to remember that my Christian exepriences will not be the same as others as our walks are very different.
  12. Actually I was very poor so I am not so unaware...well God certainly doe not require one have such experiences and I will say a prayer for you and your wife...the Lord bless my brother....
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    One thing that helps me a lot is to specifically look for how God manifests himself to me in my own life, not how he does to other people in their lives.... So many people are looking for "Great Wonders" and "Mighty works" - that they forget the little things in daily life where God simply provides that little thing for you right now....

    Then... Pay attention and thank God...

    For example - when I first moved into my house... I had to put up the mailbox. I bought a mailbox post - but the top wasn't big enough for the mailbox. *Grumble* As I was driving around - I said to myself - "Gosh, I really don't want to go to the hardware store to buy a whole board for this mailbox..."

    Then - as I am driving past the dump - there's a piece of wood laying on the ground... So - I stop and pick it up, and it turns out to be just about right for the mailbox.....

    I see what you did there God....

    Are you paying attention?
    Are you LOOKING for the blessing?
    Do you recognize this provision?
    Are you willing to Stop and to Receive it?
    Are you going to thank God for it?
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  14. Be encouraged. Healing by faith and prayer is still available today.
    Here is a short video testimony from a lady named Danielle Nelson, who was healed miraculously from Mutltiple Sclerosis.
    "By his stripes we are healed."
  15. I've been up for healing prayer many times, different ones. Some are genuine, some aren't. There's a healing evangelist called Bill Subritsky in my country who is a dedicated minister. He and his wife prayed for me and after that I had peace that my issue was going to be healed. You can see many testimonies on his website Dove Ministries. He gives God all the glory.

    I don't myself operate in the healing gift but I do have a gift given to me which was is the Sword of the spirit. What happens is scriptures will come to mind if praying about an issue and then I can use these scriptures to minister words of comfort. I often need to divide the Word and I suppose its also a gift of discernment, I do proofreading and editing as another job and I have to be very careful, to make sure I have just the right words, they flow well, make sense etc.

    Another lady in a homegroup I was going to got visions, often coming in prayer time and relevant to the person in a symbolic way. God shows her and then she relates them to us.
  16. I do pray for those sick when needed. We all ought to. Also hens one of them was sick and mum was worried, thought she was going to die, we looked after her, my friend prayed and she got better.

    Sometimes health issues are that we haven't been looking after our bodies properly, and God is not going to heal our lazy attitudes if we insist on abusing our bodies. Eg going out in the sun and frying and then finding we have skin cancer. Or eating questionable food and junk food then finding we have weight problems and related sickness, or smoking and then lung cancer.

    God will always heal when its needed if we ask and have faith. I don't know much about MS but I can certainly ask mr Subritsky about it and if God has ever healed that through him..there may be other testimonies that can encourage your wife Naomaos. Some things we must live with in a fallen world. What matters is not the sickness but the kind of person you are through whatever trials we face. We don't get thorugh this life unscathed, Jesus certainly didn't..he had scars on his hands and feet and pretty much was a goner after crucifixtion. But we are going to get new bodies anyway in the resurrection, so why should it matter ultimately? Focus on that.
  17. Here's something I found.
    Often with sickness yes demons associated with them and need to be cast out. Our attitudes can make us sick at times. We need to with cancer forgiveness is a big issue, many with cancer found they had been holding grudges and it was literally eating them up inside.
  18. I think I might have posted this before here, but I can not find it.....

    Being in the construction industry most of my life, there was a time in which the economy took a down turn. I was laid off from the company I was working for, so I went home, and I would usually go directly to the unemployment office to sign up for benefits. This time I did not do that, so I let couple days go by, and then my wife said, “Curtis, you better get down to the unemployment office and sign up”. I thought nay, I did not feel like I should, so I waited for the next day, and then I went. When I got there the line went out the door, I was not happy. The DMV, and unemployment office is a night mare, no matter what time you go. I got in line, and I noticed a very tall lady about 5 people in front of me, and she was wearing a very short mini skirt with net stockings, and long blond hair. She turned around to see how long the line had gotten, and when I saw her face I could tell this lady has had very hard life, and it looked like a very hard night to. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “ I want you to tell her about me”, I thought to myself, “I am not getting out of this line to talk to any body” Then I thought, “maybe I should do what the Lord is telling me to do”, so I made a deal with the Lord, I said, “ this is what I will do, I will stay in line, and when I am done, if that lady is still around I will talk to her about you” I was really hoping she would be gone by then. The Lord did not say anything, so I guess we had a deal.

    After I finished my business I looked around in the building and outside and did not see her anywhere.
    I started heading back to my car, and as I got to the street, I saw a car parked next to the curb with the door open on the passengers side.
    I looked inside and there was this lady. She was laying down in the front seat with her legs sticking out the door. I tapped on the roof of her car, and I said, “Excuse me, but I think the Lord wants me to talk to you.” She sat up immediately and tears began to roll down her face. I thought, “Oops, I guess that was not the Lord talking to me” As I started to leave she said to me, “Wait....and she started telling me about the night before. She said, “ I was in a motel room and I was very depressed. I was clicking through the TV channels and I came across a preacher on TV, and the preacher said Jesus loves you” then this lady said to herself if Jesus really loves me, then send someone to me and tell me about you”

    that was the night before. I was shocked, and surprised at her telling me this. So I began to tell her about Jesus and how to get saved. I prayed with her to receive Jesus into her heart. Then I asked do you have a Bible, she said no. I said I think I have one in my car you can have, I'll be right back. I found a Bible in my back seat, but what I did not know was the night before a cat got into my car and peed all over this Bible, and it smelled pretty bad. I went back, and gave it to her, and told her I am so sorry for the smell, but it's the only Bible I have with me. She smiled and I noticed her faced had changed completely from 20 minutes earlier. The glory of God was shinning through her. She left, I left rejoicing knowing that If I had gone to the unemployment office a couple days sooner this would never had happened. Thank you Jesus for such a blessing. :)
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