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  1. India is a big country with more than one billion people in other faiths and traditions. We are planning to make a mobile gospel with a vehicle and 6 member team, unit to send to reach village by village and person to person. This is my strong zeal to do gospel work by sending the well trained team to unreached people.
    Team to be with 6 members and well equipped in all stuff, like literature and gospel tracts, sound system and lighting system.
    To reach people one by one, 6 member to reach 50 to 200 people in a day. in this way we can reach people minimum 50 000 people, maximum 100 000 in a year. Here we can reach people directly and definite.
    So i am requesting the advices and ideas to do this project.
  2. I assume you are giving this thought because you lost the grounds you had?

    If I were you, I would try and get new grounds for your church. It is good to evangelise. But it is terrible when you dont have a place for young Christians to grow.
  3. yes my brother .. you are right.. thank you very much for advise
    Here i am with some church ministry, not single evangelist
    now i am shepherd to 3 churches.. and we are also with some local out reach team with 8 people to do daily work here.. totally we have near 30 youth. we have some local assemblies and they are working in local ministry matters..
    But i put the mind to do some special project to go some special out reach team to new areas..,
    And I am glad to request people for this special project.. this is not meaning that i am not with youth in church
    Just i am thinking to work for some special project like what i posted here ,,
    please pray and advise us.. gby
  4. What do you feel God's calling on your life specifically is? evangelism or pastoring?
    If the 3 churches you are overseeing have reached a certian number of people. Your efforts may be more fruitful by pastoring them. Letting God add to the church. If you are an evangelist. It is CRITICAL that you are lead by The Holy Spirit in your outreach. We can pray for you. But ultimately you yourself need to hear direct from God on where He wants you and what exactly He wants you to do.
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  5. Your posting is right.. it is not doubt you are saying right..
    I started ministry as single man,, in my job time.. evening i did the ministry.. Lord blessed to plant two churches
    in 1994 i left all and came to do full time ministry
    AS evangelist i started
    slowly that early group is developed as assembly..
    now i am shepherding to them and continuing the gospel work with our youth..
    staying local assembly three days and going to out reach in four days,.,,
    I am doing shepherd duty but i am not pastor.. just i am brother in body of Christ...
    I am doing gospel work too because i am always happy to spread the gospel..
    Every evangelist is belongs to a local assembly,., Evangelists are not out side of assembly..
    In Every assembly Evangelists, Teachers, Elders are there .. Apostle Paul is written this..
    Even Evangelist is going to out reach work he can go to do that work, in other six days,,
    As a believer in Jesus he has to worship in local assembly
    G0d bless you
  6. I am so glad to hear those churches are being run properly! Keep up the good work my brother. God bless!

  7. Be endured with power from on high to be a witness.
  8. I have no experience with India and evangelism but I will be praying with you.

    Our church has missionaries in various cities in India and they have their hands full looking after orphans and trying to get women educated. It is a place which needs the light of the Gospel - may God give you the wisdom, strength and resources you need.

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