Photos of flowers and bird's nest.

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  1. Photos of flowers and bird's nest.

    My Easter Lillies


    This is called "Hidden Lilly" because the big leaves eventually cover the beautiful flowers.


    My little bird's nest.

  2. Woah:eek: Maybe someone can tell me how to make the photos smaller.

    So sorry they're so big.

  3. That's alright sis, they are beautiful

  4. About the birds

    Do you know what kind of bird they are???? Some birds actualy build their nest close to or on the ground.
    Has the mother bird abandoned the nest???
    If not then you might be better off just letting it alone. Dogs rarely bother nests unless they happen to be egg suckers, , , (Dogs that have found eggs "Usualy Chicken eggs" good to eat).
    Cat often chace the birds but don't bother the nest unless the eggs have hatched.
    The bench were the next was built must not get a lot of use. For if it did the bird would not have comepleted it or placed eggs in it.

  5. We don't see the mother coming to the nest at all.

    My dog wasn't bothering them, but as soon as they would start chirping, I believe he would. So I moved the bag very gently to on top of the upright freezer.

    I'll just have to wait and see if they hatch.

    The bench used to get a lot of use when I smoked, but thank the Lord, I haven't in April 2nd of this year. I quit going out there to sit because it would remind me of where I enjoyed smoking. So you're right, it hasn't been getting a lot of use.

    Thanks for all the advice everyone and thanks for your kind words Sis,

    Blessings, Cheri
  6. Cheri, do y'all have wrens there where you live?
  7. Umm, I'm not sure, I don't really know birds, except cardinals, blue jays, the obvious ones. I'll have to ask hubby tomorrow.

  8. Go to this page and select image resizer.exe (5th from the bottom on the right hand column):
    Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
    It is a really easy to use program.

    BTW the lilies are wonderful!:D
  9. Thanks for that info. Brother... I will have hubby check it out.

    And thanks about my lillies, God is so talented isn't he?:D

    Blessings, Cheri
  10. Those eggs and the nest look like a "House Wren" to me.
    They are also called "House Sparrows".

    House Wrens - discouraging, wren guards

    I do all I can to discourage them from my property because they steal the nests and destroy the eggs of my song birds.

    Also, I see you are using photo bucket.
    You can click "edit" by your photo, then change it to "Large" (640 X 480)
    The photo will then resize. (It wil change on this site at the same time because you are linked.) :)
  11. Thanks so much R4TS.

    Well, because it has been so hot down here, hubby didn't think I needed to put a light for incubation. Then through the night, a cold front came through. Hubby thinks they will not hatch, especially since we don't know how long they've been there. I was staying away from the bench, that was my smoking place. Going on two months praise the Lord! Smoke free.

    Anyway, hubby said he doesn't thing they're going to hatch. I think the little eggs are so cute that when I really think they're not going to hatch, I'm going to stick a pin in them and drain them and save the little eggs. They are so cute. I know, I know, my hubby looks at me like this when I keep saying that too:eek:. Well they are. :D

    I guess it wasn't God's will that they live. It was a really poor choice by the Mommy or Daddy, whoever builds the nest to put it where they did.

    Thanks for the photobucket info. That will help.

    Blessings, Cheri
  12. What great photos! Thanks for posting them, Cheri.

    Yes, Ride4, I do agree that they do look like House Wren eggs. We had Cactus Wrens in Arizona who looked a lot like those. But they are much like the house wren. I didn't realize wrens could be so invasive of other's birds nests. :eek:hno01:

    Deb :)
  13. Yea, Wrens, Crows and Blue Jays are a real pain in the (dairy) air around here.
    They are among the worst of the nest robbers.
    They kill the song birds eggs, kick them out then lay their own.

    When the momma Robin, or whatever bird they robbed finally hatches the eggs after all the hard work, Blue Jays will then kick her out and take on the feeding.

    Sometimes I think the reason God gave Crows and Blue Jays such obnoxious and annoying screeches was so that blind people could hate them too.
  14. Wrens at my house don't take over other bird's nest, they like to build their nests in low lying places..for instance, we had a nest of 3 eggs that were layed in the lawn tractor right behind the seat, as it wasn't being used yet..and instead of not bothering them and patiently waiting for them to hatch...I was bought another lawn mower so the grass could be cut...oh me..kinda an expensive move, but it was well worth not disturbing the nest so that the little one's could have a chance at life and I needed a new mower anyway, hehe.

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