Phoenix Mars Rover Lands in Martian Arctic

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  1. :cool::) I have been watching this get closer and they finally made it!:D
  2. It will be interesting to see what they find. Though...I don't think they'll find any extraterrestrial life there. It's a big MAYBE. I'm not sure what they think they'll find...? Little green men with antennas and computers? :p
  3. On the TV show, Smallville, there's occasionally an alien from Mars who has super powers who looks very human. :D
  4. Lol! Maybe they'll find a "man" on Mars and he'll say, "Howdy! Want a popsicle?"
  5. I hope they post more pictures soon. It's a little anti-climatic that there's only 2 b & w's.

    Still...pretty amazing to look at a photo and say "Wow...that's another planet!" [​IMG]
  6. It's all exciting especially if there is the possibility of terraforming. We can put the first Christian colony on Mars. :D
  7. Yup! It's really pretty, isn't it? I know it would be a little while for us to find a way to stay on Mars for a prolonged amount of time, since the atmosphere is made up of poisonous carbon monoxide or dioxide I believe.

    I think they tried Venus but with the high temperatures and the uninhabitable atmosphere, it wouldn't possible...unless they found someway to be able to stand it.
  8. Something that many persons, including members of the scientific community, tend to forget is that microbial life from one planet can be carried to other planets by way of impact ejecta. ( < do a Google search on that term.)

    If a meteor, comet or other large piece of space debris collides with an 'inhabited' planet, the high amount of planetary surface that gets ejected back into space because of the tremendous impact energy involved, may contain microbial life that can survive the vaccum of space and be deposited as meteorites on other planets. There are several on-going studies concerning this phenomenon and many website studies can be found regarding this topic. If the latest Mars Lander does find something, there is a very good possibility that it was of earthly origin in the first place.
  9. I'm all for space exploration. Have been a wide eyed enthusiast since the Apollo missions when I was a kid. But, I don't know why we would ever need to consider living on another planet. I don't see it becoming a reality. There just isn't any need for it IMO.
  10. Or perhaps, (just to flip to the other side of a hypothetical philosophical) life on this planet was the result of impact ejecta from ancient Mars. ( like that movie Mission to Mars ;) )
  11. God works in mysterious ways sometimes - but I'll stick with His Word in Genesis 1 concerning life on Earth... :)

    That reminds me of the Bill Dana (Jose Jimenez) "Astronaut" interview in 1959 where Jose, the 'Astronaut' is asked the question, "What is this called; a crash helmet? " Jose replies, "Oh, I hope not!"

    He is then asked the question, "Do you think that you will find life on Mars?" Jose replies, "Well, maybe if I land on a Saturday night..."

  12. Maybe not us, but a couple generations down the road... the Earth will be 8 billion, 9 billion, 10 billion. It's going to be a little... crowded. We may have little choice but to expand into space in order to have a comfortable lifestyle.
  13. One foreign bacteria could decimate the planet.:eek:
  14. Interesting theory. I don't however agree.

    I'm guessing you don't ascribe to the New Earth Creationist theology. Or to the second coming. (rhetorical)

    Just to throw another monkey wrench in, what about the belief that the world will end by some cataclysmic event in 2012? Or the theory that the universe (our universe) will be swallowed up a black whole that astronomers have found, and estimate will do so before then?

    I stand by my original statement. At some point, you just have to trust that God has it all in control and try not to worry about it.
  15. The pictures I have seen are nothing but dirt and rocks- at least so far.
    NASA - Home
  16. That's an unfair assumption. I do believe Yahweh is the creator (I believe in micro-evolution but not macro-evolution) and I do believe in the second coming. The question, is of course, when. So many generations have tried to identify the Anti-Christ amongst them, and so many have said that Christ's return is imminent. Yes the Mark of the Beast could be the RFID chip and yes we are moving at a pace to a one world government and cashless society. Does it look like the Temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt soon? I believe he will come again, I just don't know when. Nor do I know if putting Christians on Mars to live will automatically disqualify them from being raptured. It's His Earth, but it is also HIS Universe. All I can do is pray and be prepared when He does come.

    What I was suggesting in the other post is an alternative related to this topic to what the secularist socialists would want as a solution to overpopulation, which is, global population control and reduction. Yes, this is another End Times - Second coming prophecy. But would actively fighting it automatically deny the Rapture or the Second Coming? I think His will is greater than that! I think as Christians we have a moral obligation to spread the Gospel and help people get saved- both their souls and their bodies. As Christians, do we stand by and watch this genocide and just say "yep, the end is near", or do we actively go about in the world and help people 1.) Realize that salvation only comes through Jesus Christ and 2.) Get them out of any dangerous situation any way we technologically can- Yes the Mars example was "out there" (Literally! haha), but it was relevant to the topic.

    Does actively fighting against the evil forces working as per the prophecies automatically disqualify a person from believing in the Second Coming? OR somehow that being pro-active about fighting it would somehow prevent the Second Coming? I believe that no matter what we do or say He will come again. But I also believe that we, as the messengers of the Gospel, have a moral duty to show people the way to be saved for eternity, but also to fight evil in the world however we can.

    So while I can see where you're coming from, the suggestion that I wouldn't believe in the Second Coming because I suggested interplanetary colonization is just not true. It's going to happen- even if we manage to reach Alpha Centauri.

    The Mayan 2012 prophecy is interesting but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. Just going to go about my life praying and glorifying God.

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    Behold, God is my helper;
    the Lord is the upholder of my life.
    (Psalm 54:4, ESV)
  17. Pagan predictions are of no value.
  18. I'm Sorry. Did I offend you? That wasn't my intention. ... It wasn't an assumption about you. It was a rhetorical question about your statement. The logical retort to your apparent conclusion.

    My point was that there are a lot of theories floating around. These are just a few. People are free to believe whatever they want. But, I'm not going to get my knickers in a twist worrying about it. Because what people "believe" has no bearing on what is, or what will be. So, talking about it, is just conversation, nothing more.

    Nothing I said was every about you, buddy. Sorry if you took it personally. I'm sure if we were face to face, you would get the rhythm of my banter, better. This is just the way I discuss philosophical theoreticals. You (the proverbial, not the personal you) throw something that you think is pertinent into the conversation, and I counter it with something that is different, and will more than likely make you think outside the conforms of your own viewpoint. ;)

    After all, everything "we" think or believe boiles down to nothing more than "opinion" anyway. Nothing whatever can be proved, no matter how vehemently it is supported or argued.
  19. I'll throw in my two cents for this topic:

    Mars is not the only extraterrestrial object that astronomers, NASA, and the like have been looking into as possibly a place where humans can populate it. The moon, Triton, is also under the lookout and I am sure in the near future they will send a probe there because I am unsure about this whole Mars icecap thing.

    I am not trying to predict any outcomes but from experience, this will fail, again, like all the other explorations have failed and then they will try and scope out something else. Jupiter is way out of the question: it doesn't even have a surface, I believe, it's a big ball of poisonous gas. Saturn? Eh, I'm not to sure. The gas giants probably won't be that wonderful to live on. Neptune...well, I'll let them decide that.

    They have been looking outside of our solar system at other planets in other solar systems. They have plan A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

    If populating another planet goes out of the question, here comes the population control on our planet. How they will do that is off-topic, but you know what I mean. ;)

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