Philippians 4

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  1. Philippians 4

    Hi Everyone!
    I am attending Bible School, and am memorizing Philippians 4, in the NIV Bible, but I find I need something to help me along. Does anyone know any songs that incorporate this chapter into it? Please give answers ASAP!!
  2. Sorry M O D but that would be one heck of a song!
  3. That is a tall order... But what I can think of because Paul is thanking the Christians maybe some of the songs like ::: Give Thanks with a grateful heart ... give thanks to the Holy one... give thanks to Jesus Christ the son. Do you know that one?

    Any of the songs that express love to the Lord.

    OIt is hard to put them here as I don't know what songs you know.
  4. YES!! there is a hip/hop album called "13 Letters" EXCELLENT ALBUM by the 116 Clique, it gives a summary of each Paul's letters. I am listening to it as I type this right now. I bought it on Itunes. The song for Philippian's is called "To Live is Christ" by Trip Lee and These guys have truly been blessed and inspired by God. I credit these artists with bringing understanding to the words I've read in the Bible
  5. Thanks! I'm not sure where I could buy the album on such short notice (since I live in a small town) but I'll see if I can just download that song off the internet from somewhere. So far, I've just been listening to Philippians 4 on tape, but I think that this will work much better! Thanks again!
  6. Watchman I didn't think it was possible for me to like a hip hop song until I visited the first site you posted- thanks :D
  7. Find the song here:
  8. Nice song...I always thought I disliked rap, but truly now I think that what I actually dislike is the sort of message that most artists sing. That was uplifting. So ditto on that point!

    Difficult chapters to memorize though, for sure. :smile_anim:

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