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    Here in the back woods of Kentucky, we got us pets just like everwhar else. They's just a little differnt, though...

    Like my brother Billy Bob's youngin's got theyselves a pet snail. They go for walks with the little critter, but it takes 'em all day ta just go around the trailer house one time.

    My uncle Bubba got hisself a pet possum. (But I think Bubba is just treatin' him good so's he can end up as lunch sometime.)

    Aunt Clarese had a chicken as a pet, but her pet coyote done ate the critter, feathers and all.

    My pet is my huntin' dog, Old Blue... he's a gettin on in years, now, but he still carries my shotgun for me and even bags a wild turkey hisself now and then. Darned good shot! :D

    Pets is a real comfort to all of us. They need care, but that's what bein' a pet owner is all about. God gave us these critters and we love 'em just like family.

    Y'all have a good day, now, y'hear?

  2. Oh me..what skool did you attend??:eek::D
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  3. I had a pet snail once too. I went to a forested area called Merwin Dam and I found him crossing the trail. Well, I picked him up and put him in a jar and took him home with me. I put water on him every few minutes to keep him hydrated, and then I even let him out to browse on my bedroom mirror. He left an icky trail of slime on it, though.

    But a few days later I turned him loose in the wild, because I was tired of owning a pet snail.
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  6. share my pets photo......:)

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