Pets and Sin

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  1. Pets and Sin

    This one has been on my mind a lot lately...

    I've heard it said that animals don't know sin, because they didn't partake in the fruit of the knowledge between good and evil.

    [...but last night, my cat tried to crawl into my turtle's tank; she knows this is wrong because I tell her again and again]

    I've also heard that not all animals go to heaven. Does this mean that I won't see my cat or my turtle there? I've heard there's a separate heaven for some animals.

    My cat is adopted, because her last owner didn't want her anymore. She kept on beating up the other cats, so I took her in. She's been a little angel. BUT...she knows that recently I got a pet turtle; she seems jealous, and I constantly have to watch her to keep her out of the turtle's tank.

    If I, as a human, was jealous and tried to kill something...I'd be sinning. But if my cat does this, is the cat automatically forgiven?

    Just pet questions I had in mind.

    Thanks for any responses to help me figure this out.

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  2. Animals do not have the same type of reasoning that you are I have. To Kittey mr turtle looks like a toy and/or a meal, that is just instinct.
  3. Bo...but it's not a sin for them? Are they guaranteed their place in heaven? That's what I'm worried about.

    Will I see them there?
  4. There must be pets in heaven!:eek:
    God made cats and turtles for some reason, right?
    I have more than 1 cat!!!!!!!
    And my doggies too~

  5. The difference between animals and man is that God breathed His Spirit into humans and not into animals. Animals have no soul to save or to take to Heaven.
  6. There are certainly animals in heaven. This is a quote from Pastor Gary from another thread:

    Dusty - Please read the entire text of Isaiah 11:1-16 (KJV) OR Isaiah 11:1-16 (NLT)

    This part of Isaiah is prophesy that takes place IN the millenium. We are told many things in the entire Book of Isaiah about what Heaven is like and how teaching will be done for the 1000 year millenium. In fact, I can teach the contents of the New Testament Book of Revelation from the prophesy contained in the Old Testament Book of Isaiah.

    Look specifically at Isaiah 11:6 and the following verses where animals are mentioned. These references are to instruct us about the millenium and that in our spiritual bodies, there is no fear, there are no frightening things and there are no carnivors - just all of us and animals cohabitating in spiritual bodies.

    God loves His animals and He created all things for His pleasure*. We will be with them all again someday...

    * Revelation 4:1-11 (KJV) and Revelation 4:1-11 (NLT)

    Here is a link to that entire thread if you would like to review it:
  7. Just a thought, but how about putting a wire mesh covering over the turtle tank? They sell them at pet stores, or you could probably make one.
  8. Animals in heaven...I'm cool with that.

    Specific pets being somehow reincarnated in heaven and/or facing judgment...I don't see how that's supposed to work. How are we supposed to minister to pets and roaches?
  9. Thanks, book. That can be one of his Christmas presents.:D

    Animals have to have a soul! Our culture teaches that things need a soul to survive, so anything living has a soul...from the largest whale right down to bacteria. That's what I grew up believing, anyways.

    When you snuggle with a pet, it loves you back, doesn't it? Doesn't that take a soul? (I'm asking here, really, because I want to understand it).

    It seems like every day there's more to learn...and sometimes it gets so confusing!:(

    Thanks for all of the input, guys. (and gals:D)
  10. That is a GOOD idea!!!
    Cats are smart, WW!

  11. The other day I was decking my halls and I had some Christmas music playing over the stereo.

    One of the songs was Jingle Cats - Holy Night.

    Missy (my cat) went BONKERS! She sprinted all around the house looking for the cats!:eek:

    I believe they have souls...but I'm just concerned if they're automatically going to heaven.
  12. I got an idea. Why don't you try baptizing your cat?:D:D:eek::eek:
  13. Judgement- I don't think so- my cat never bit the apple so to speak- animals suffer (and this earth too)because they were under mans jurisdiction so to speak. I believe ( this is my eprsonal belief only) that these anilmals have very specific personalities and eare eache loved by thier creator. Do we see our individual pets in heaven- I thinks so, I hope so- it would seem to fitht he Fathers nature for it to be so but no one can say for sure.
  14. I believe animals will go to heaven. The Bible actualy
    teaches that all of creation is under the curse, and it says
    so in such a way, that it also shows, only Humans have
    the choice of not going to Heaven.

    So I think animals can show great intelegence, and
    personality ---and she could have an inferiority complex,
    manifest around other pets?????

    She thinks she's the Alpha-Male-Dog, which is realy
    confussing, cause she's a cat,

    So don't ever let her go on Oprah, or the'll have her
    convinced it's ok to be a dog!!!!!!!!

    But they do not have our spiritual Discernment, for their
    choices, and maybee are just part of God's lesson, that
    sometimes their behavior is good or bad ---but without
    what we have, just a good or bad personality, without
    deeper understanding ---means they wont be judged like
    we will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are a counter point, to the Human Thesis?????

    Sounds good to Me?????????
  15. animals have a pecking order,man does not or would have swartsnegger as president,oops he,s not running is he ,lol.
  16. Sounds good to me!:):):)
  17. Remember, God's Word does say that one day Heaven and Earth will be One. Animals are part of creation so why would they be not part of the Kingdom? I never heard about seperation of animals, but that is in the hands of the Creator.
    Below is a link with a little Biblical information.
  18. Having lost my precious 12 yr old dog just 3 days ago, I certainly hope there will be animals in Heaven.
    Jesus comes back riding a white horse doesnt He, and the lion shall lay down the lamb?
    I think that the instinctive behaviour we see in animals, came because they needed to survivie following the fall of man, the protection they had before was broken and now it was survival of the fitest.
    All I know is this, my dog was the sweetest girl, she never did anything ever to hurt anyone, and always forgave me if I got cross with her, she always was waiting for me, always loved me and always wanted to be with me.
    I think we could learn a lot from the behaviour of some animals!
    Gosh I miss her so.:(
  19. Jax, My heart goes out to you. I will not go into detail, but I DO know what you are feeling and my eyes fill up just thinking about it. May the LORD be your strength.
    Below is a link that someone sent me and my wife when we had to say good-bye to our four-legged family members, three months apart. One was 14 and the other 15, male and female.
    Click on link.

    "In Memory Of Our Pets"
  20. Thankyou freedom07 that was beauitful.
    It really is true though, unless you have experienced it, you really cant truly understand, people say 'it was just a dog', and yes that is true, but I think dogs are special gifts from God, they share your life in a way that no other animal does, they are truly loyal and forgiving in a way that put us humans to shame.
    I felt very sad yesterday, when I went back to the vets to pay the bill, I glanced through the window of the room that my dog went to sleep in, and the same vet was in there with another pet and owner, laughing and patting the dog, and I wanted to say 'have you forgotton what happened in here just two days ago'?
    But of course whilst he was lovely to us at the time, for him it is part of his job and he deals with it on a weekly basis, for me it was terribly traumatic and very personal.
    My other little dog is missing her big sister terribly:(

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