Personal Revival through prayer and seeking God sincerely

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  1. I was really encouraged by hearing the stories of the Welsh Revival, Azuza Street, Charles Finney, etc

    this broadcast is devoted to inspiring us to seek God for all we need, and watch Him start a Holy Fire via the Holy Spirit

    there's 2 or more years of weekly broadcasts

    they are all really inspiring
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  2. Moderators note.... this link is approved by the staff as not leading to anything involving money or requiring any personal information

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  3. I watched the first one, The Jack Coe Story, and it was very interesting. I look forward to watching more of them... thanks for sharing!
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  4. if you look to the bottom of the page there are little yellow squares

    they are actually links to more pages - not decorative boxes - i didn't realize that at first

    2-3 years worth of broadcasts are there

    i have only watched about 10 broadcasts and loved the anointing on them, and the excellent inspiring info

    God Bless you my dear friend
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  5. I agree totally with this scripture it sure would be nice if more people knew this
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  6. So blessed you could join us. Welcome to cfs!

    What passage of Scripture are you referring to?

    Blessings to you sir
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