Patience in the Lord

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  1. Patience in the Lord


    Patience in the Lord


    Have you ever stood at a train station or in a long line? You get impatient sometimes, don't you? We all do, at some points. Sometimes, we react verbally, shouting and asking what is taking so long. Sometims, we react physically - shifting from foot to foot or huffing-and-puffing while rolling our eyes 180 degrees.

    Sometimes we get impatient the the Lord. We want Him to do it quick. We want it now and when we don't get it now we basically do the same thing as we do in life.

    We must be patient in the Lord. You may want it now (whatever it is you're asking for) but God knows "now" may not be the right time for you to have what you seek. Patience and a cool-head win over hotheaded and impatient feelings.

    So, be patient. You will see that patience is a winning virtue!

    The lesson for today is....

    - God knows when we are ready for something. He will only give it to you when you are ready to have it. We cannot really drive until we are 16 (or older depending on where you live) because we are ready and fully capable to do so.

    - Patience may seem like a far-fetched attribute for some. But with a little practice, it comes as naturally as smiling!

    - We have all been impatient with the Lord sometimes. Its all something we can work on. Never feel bad because you are not the most patient person in the world. We all have things we need to work on and maybe this can be one of your projects.

    Thank you all, and God bless you.

  2. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit and comes from abiding in the Vine. It is the very life force and nature of God imparted into our spirit that manifests in such fruit as our mind is renewed according to His holy Word.
  3. Thanks alot, This is really what i needed.

    I keep wanting sighns now now now, I have to wait pray and wait some more.
  4. Thanks for that post. It's encouraging. That is my main problem right now. I want action, but I need to remember to be patient and wait on Him.
    Yes, lets keep praying.
  5. If we focus on loving our Father, fellowship with His Spirit, reading His Word and knowing His heart all those things will manifest in our lives. The gifts He gives are great but it is the giver we must seek first.:)
  6. My dear friends...

    You are most generously welcome. I am glad that my posts are an encouragement to you. I am glad I am fulfilling a duty for God, as I am His Messenger, in a sense.

  7. No problem. No your welcome.
  8. Yes, thank you Dusty. We all need the peace that comes from resting on his promises.

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