Passover/Lord's supper

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  1. Anybody celebrate this in the traditional manner?

    I think will at least make a roast lamb. Lamb shanks, rosemary..grape juice, matza crackers, salted water, and some hummus paste (for the bricks and mortar). But..not sure what the hard boiled egg is meant to represent?

    I'd like to know what hymn Jesus was singing at his last passover. I wonder if it's Daiyenu..
  2. During a traditional Seder meal, which takes place on the 15th. day of Nissan on the Hebrew calendar, a hard-boiled egg represents the holiday offering that was brought to the Holy Temple in ancient times. It also serves as a reminder of the Babylonian destruction of the Temple around 586 BC.

    There is some limited scriptural and historical evidence that the Psalms of Praise (Psalms 116 to 118) would have been sung at the Last Supper.

    Hope that this helps you with the information that you asked about.
  3. Thanks Gary..I didn't know that!
    although..why would an egg be a holiday offering? Cos they had nothing else to offer?
  4. The egg, these days, just represents a 'meat offering' that was left in front of the Temple in those days. You can read part of that custom in 2 Chronicles 7:7 ...

    "Moreover Solomon hallowed the middle of the court that was before the house of the LORD: for there he offered burnt offerings, and the fat of the peace offerings, because the brasen altar which Solomon had made was not able to receive the burnt offerings, and the meat offerings, and the fat."
  5. Yes! For the last 4 years (since I have moved to this town). It was a new thing for me 4 years ago but I really like it. Christians in my church organize this dinner with all parts of the meal that we are able to make here. We follow the tradition step by step like questions of children, specific wine cups with different meanings, etc.. A leader of the dinner explains each step and talks about the tradition and what does it mean for us. It is great time and delicious meal :)
    I am sure you will find some details on internet about how to make the meal.
  6. The meat offering is the lamb.
    I dont get that part. Thats why its called the passover...cos the blood of the lamb was put on the doorposts of t he house and the angel of death passed over thus did not kill anyone hwo did this.
  7. I mean I dont get the egg part still. Might it have something to do with easter? Like the origins...thats why everyone hunts for chocolate eggs now? A symbol of new life I suppose.
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  9. last time, though it turned into a bit of a production instrad of a relaxed family meal, had it in church, was called to read a part, I read about parsley and dipping it into the salty water, which represents tears of the hebrews. Though parsley is not a bitter herb.

    It could be like hyssop, dipping the hyssop into vinegar when Jesus was on the cross.
  10. I dont remember anyone saying anything about the egg though. Oh thanks for link will check it out.
  11. Oop one link didnt work bit the other said a roasted egg is a symbol of life and continued existence.
  12. Perpetual I mean. Well, Jesus said to celebrate passover every year. Jews are commanded to do this. i suppose he meant each time they celebrated passover, to remember him, as He IS the lamb. But he asked to remember him by breaking the bread and drinking the cup. i guess he knew that not everyone could afford to buy or kill a lamb each time.

    However, tradition in my country is to have a roast dinner on sundays, usually lamb. I live in a country thats got millions of sheep.
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  14. My family used to celebrate a Passover each year, though now it's a bit more scarce. I've always had a tough time with the Hebrew since I never went to Hebrew school -- though that was usually the burden of my older brother, Josh. I'd usually mumble gibberish at the parts I couldn't remember.
  15. Well if having roast lamb every sunday...if you lucky/blessed you can have it every week.
    then you can use the bone for soups and have lamb sandwiches...I love a good roast. Esp with gravy..
  16. The lamb is always good. Although I also always looked forward to the herbs and saltwater...I was a little strange.
  17. Which herbs did you use?
    Last time had was parsley.
    But I think rosemary goes really well with lamb, and mint.
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  18. lysander I didn't know your family background was it? or you just celebrated passover cos it says to in the Bible. Lots of christians don't really do passover..traditions change I guess. I mean they don't do it the Jewish way with the readings etc. I suppose they do it by eating together and remembering Jesus when we pray or say grace before meals.
  19. You CAN say in english can't you? lol
    I will look up those psalms. Thanks.
  20. Sometimes it was parsley, but usually it was horseradish, which is a bit more common with Ashkenazi tradition.

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