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  1. I don't know what americans eat as pancakes,
    but when I have a pancake it takes up the whole pan, about 14 inches across,
    take it out of the pan,
    then I smear butter all over it while its hot,
    then on goes
    then I roll it up like a big cigar and start eating,
    and afterwards I might just have room for one more...mmmmmmm
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  2. We rarely have them at home but my mother makes two types that our family call pancakes.

    One is a thin (see below) one that we have sweet. Lemon juice goes on them to sort of balance this sweetness but we'd have sugar or a syrup with them. We'd usually fold them over rather than roll them.

    The other one uses buckwheat flour and has a heavier texture. This would be filled with something savoury, eg melted cheese and onion at home.

    I am UK and the first of these is what I tend to think of in terms of typical "pancake day" (Shrove Tuesday) fare.
  3. back in south India we make "Dosa". Indian variety of pancake.. We don't eat it with sweet.. Eat it along with spicy curries.. That's our favorite breakfast..
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  4. I like my pancakes with butter and maple syrup all over it, with sausage on top and some eggs. I eat pancakes maybe once a year though.
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  5. Even allowing for the fact I can't eat an egg as an egg (fine as a cooking ingredient but I don't handle fried, boiled, poached etc), the (my) mind boggles...
  6. Pancakes with butter and syrup, with eggs and sausages. Yummy yum yum
  7. Et tu Brute? (say's me with a wide grin - I'm just finding this mix hard to imagine)
  8. lol. So when you make pancakes, don't you put a little butter and syrup on it? lol
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  10. Used to eat these in a restaurant by the same name in Minnesota:

    I eat these in a restaurant on the West Coast of the U.S.A. and occasionally make them in the oven, in a wok:

    This is a common pancake restaurant in the States, only I will not eat there:
    Their advertisments on TV look like a heart attack WANTING to happen.

    An ordinary pancake plate in the U.S. looks like this:

  11. I'm Heeeeerrrreeee!!! =D lol
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  12. odd , but I'm not much of a pancake person.. I'd rather have an omelet.
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  13. That's a good thing though, if you ate pancakes wouldn't that make you a cannibal? Since you are a pancake..? Get it? :D?

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